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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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Increase Your Spiritual Power With This Meditation Quickie

How long can you go without speaking?

How long can you go without THINKING?

Can you look at an object and not say in your mind what it is?

Practice the Meditation technique below for two weeks. After the two weeks are up ask yourself the same questions.
How long can you now go without thinking?
Can you look at an object and not identify it?
My guess is that you will be able to go much longer without thinking and are starting to realize the uselessness and waste of time of mentally identifying everything you touch see and hear.
I will guarantee that you will experience more insight in two weeks then you may have experienced your entire life.
As you try this exercise you may find that you can only do it for several seconds at a time. That is normal. Try and increase the length of this meditation a little bit each time you try it. As with anything practice makes perfect.

Start by taking several deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

1. Breathe as a baby would, by filling your abdomen with air so that it protrudes outward. This will be a trigger for all your future meditations. This is a way to tell your body and mind that it is time to relax.
2. Feel the clothes on your body. Feel the pressure they place on your skin. Feel the glasses on your face, feel the shoes on your feet.
3. Listen to the sounds all around you. Listen to the birds chirping, children playing, cars driving, airplanes flying. Listen to all the sounds in your environment. Don’t think about the sounds just listen to them.
4. Pay attention to any smells you notice. Sweet, pungent, offensive or aromatic. Just experience the smells and don’t think about them.
5. If you are walking pay special attention to the sound your feet make as they contact the ground.
6. Notice everything in your field of vision. Don’t identify what you see just notice everything in your field of vision. If you see a tree don’t say tree in your mind. Just observe.
7. Try and hold as many sensory impressions as you can without thinking about them. The more you can focus on at one time the greater your experience will be.

At first this will be difficult for you to do but with time you will get better at sensing your environment. This exercise will help to silence the endless amount of thoughts you have running through your mind.
You will begin to tap into your subconscious mind and begin to experience the world as it really is. Not what your mind is constantly telling you it is. Not what you have been conditioned to believe it is.
Here is your chance to experience reality as it really is. Here is your chance to expand your mind and break free from all your self-limiting thought patterns. You will awaken your multi dimensional consciousness and realize the true powerful being that you truly are.
Be forewarned, this will produce profound effects. Do not be frightened. You are beginning to lift the veil of illusion that has clouded your mind since birth.

More meditation techniques


6 Steps For A Successful Meditation

Meditation techniques for both the beginner and experienced alike.

Meditation is a very personal experience and you will find that what works well for one person may not work well for you. At first you will question whether you are meditating correctly and if you are using the right techniques. Just to alleviate your concerns there is no right or wrong ways to meditate. There are, however things you can do to prepare yourself to get the most out of your session.

Six Meditation Tips

Six Meditation Tips

1. Wear comfortable clothing: You will want to wear something that is not binding and will not be distracting. Loose fitting clothes that will allow your body to move and breathe freely are preferred. Loose fitting organic cotton will work perfectly.

2. Find your spot: Find a spot where you feel peaceful and at ease. It must be a good energy spot that is both secure and free of distractions. Perhaps by a tree in your yard or a room that is soft and pleasing to the eye and senses. Regardless of what place you choose you must be comfortable there. Most of us can sense a place that just feels right to them. There is no logical reason for this other than it just feels right. Use your intuition and you will know the right place for you to meditate. As you progress you will want to find different places to meditate. There are different energy patterns and different experiences to be found in different spots.

3. Choose the best position: There are several positions you can use and there is no hard and fast rule on the right one to use. I prefer to sit cross-legged on a soft thin pillow. In the beginning it will be easier to sit Indian leg style without placing one of your feet on top of the opposite leg. As you gain flexibility you will be able to graduate to this more traditional style called the half lotus. More important than the seated style you use is to make sure you keep your back straight. This will aid in allowing the energy in your body to flow freely. It will help to unblock your chakras and accelerate your meditation experience. It will be uncomfortable at first so don’t get discouraged. If you can only meditate for five minutes in the beginning then that is good enough. Try increasing the time with each session and in a short amount of time you will be doing twenty minutes of meditation with no problem. It is also helpful if you can incorporate some yoga into your daily routine to help strengthen your core and unblock the energy points in your body. This will greatly increase the comfort and effectiveness of your sessions.

4.Choose a type of meditation: Rather than explain all the different methods of meditation I will suggest the one that I feel is the most effective for a beginning meditation. Find some soothing music that you can listen to with a set of headphones. The music must be pleasing for you and not distracting. The music is not the focal point of the meditation but is used rather as a tool to help you get into a deep meditative state. There are many meditation soundtracks available and you should be able to find something that you like to help enhance your experience. I would also recommend that the music incorporate the use of binaural technology. This technology is a great adjunct to your program in that it will help you to achieve the correct brainwave state which will profoundly effect your sessions. Remember, music is just a tool to help you get to the state of consciousness we are looking for. You may find, as you get more experienced that you will not need the music to attain that state. You are training your body and mind on a specific feeling and soon you will be able to enter this state seamlessly at will. The state we are looking for is different for all of us but when you achieve it you will know.

5. Meditate on your chakras: There are seven main chakras points in your body, but we will only meditate on three of them. This meditation technique directs our focus on the Navel, Heart and Third Eye Chakras. As you start your session you will begin by concentrating on your Navel chakra. You will place your focus on this area of your body and nowhere else. If it helps you can place two fingers on this chakra to help you focus your concentration on this area. If you find your mind wandering, gently bring your focus back to the navel chakra. This chakra will generate a tremendous amount of energy as you become more proficient. You will spend about five minutes at first on each chakra. As you become more comfortable you will increase the time to ten minutes and then fifteen minutes. Include only the three chakras discussed and you will see that you will not need to waste your time on including the other chakras at this point. These three are quite powerful when opened and will induce profound experiences of consciousness. As you become an expert in this form of meditation you may want to experiment with the other chakras. That is completely up to you but I recommend against this at first. You must perfect this form of meditation before you can hope to gain the benefits of meditating on the other chakras.

6. Non-Thought: Throughout your meditation session it is vitally important that you practice non-thought. This will get easier as you progress in your training. As you feel your mind starting to wander slowly bring your attention back to the focal point of your awareness, which will be one of the chakras. This is one of the hardest things for us to do because we have not been trained to quiet our minds and listen to our inner voice. It is in this inner voice, which is no voice at all, where truly remarkable insights and understanding takes place. It is our gateway to the powers of our subconscious that holds the key to our ultimate spirituality and enlightenment. Meditating with these intentions in mind will help unravel the mystery of your true power and place in the universe.

Remember there is no absolute right or wrong way to meditate and the results we achieve are directly related to our expectations. If you have expectations of creating a more stress free life then that is what you will achieve. I will tell you however, that if you set your expectations higher you will achieve profound effects and one of the by-products will be a more stress free life.

Take Your Meditations To Another Level

Creating Mandalas

Mandala is a Sanskrit word, which means, “Circle”. This hallowed diagram or meditation symbol is normally round and is a symbolic representation of the cosmos and its energy. It is utilized in Eastern and Native American medicine for curing body, soul, and spirit. Meditative reflection of the mandala can bring the internal light of the soul to awareness, trigger secret powers of the mind and open the heart chakra to the therapeutic power of absolute love. Open your mind chakra and explore the wonders of the universe. Open your chi chakra and draw in the incredible power of prana. You are only limited because you choose the easy way out. You are interested in Mandalas but refuse to do the work that is necessary to unfold the patterns of the Mandala that represent your life and your spirituality. There are no easy answers and the universe will not just magically open up to you. You must work to understand and unfold the Mandala that is your life.

Create Your Own Mandala

Create Your Own Mandala

Coloring and making mandalas is a simple technique. Essentially a form of meditation, you set aside your internal dialogue as you draw figures on a page or color in a pre-made figure. As with any form of meditation you will be capable of accomplishing the same serene, calm impressions of conventional meditation without the troubles of posturing for hours at a time or trying to quiet your rushing mind.

Through meditating on a mandala, specifically the heart of the pattern, a person can well be absorbed into the circle to discover their center, and above all else keep that focus. Creating mandalas or using pre-made mandalas is a great way to begin the process of spiritual growth and introspection.

Creating an individualized mandala can be the equivalent of a journey where you are figuring out in your mind who you are and what is important to you. You may draw a mandala one day and although it can look well balanced the drawings may represent negative emotions that you weren’t aware of. If you work on your Mandala once again you may be able to research in your mind ways of understanding these negative emotions and removing them with positive thoughts to help you feel happier and better balanced.

To create your personal mandala you’ll want to find the place and privacy where you will be able to allow yourself to relax and then to clear the channel for your ideas to pour forth and manifest as an imaginative exercise.

The artistic value of the mandala is not as important as the insight you can gain from creating a mandala. Each person will have a different experience from their drawings and hopefully gain a new perspective on their life and their problems.

Do not be concerned with how quickly you can draw or color the mantra but keep your mind open to any thoughts or revelations that you receive while you are doing it. Monks have been known to take weeks to complete a single mandala only to destroy it afterward. Enjoy your reflections and you will learn something about yourself.

As you build upon the knowledge that you are learning it may all start to make sense to you. Each bit of information is another key that will lead to self-realization and awareness of who and what you are.

Become the Master of your Destiny. Don’t just be swept away by the tides of uncertainty. Break free from the Matrix, which controls how you act, how you feel, how you exist. You have one chance to understand the Mandala, which is your life. It’s your choice whether you awaken or stay asleep.

Magnetic Healing Using Chi Energy

The beneficial effects of meditation have been known for many thousands of years. The benefits of magnetic healing have also been known for many years. When combined these two practices can produce amazing results both in the health of the practitioner and in the level of chi energy that will be created. By using the magnets to increase the blood and energy flow the amounts of chi energy generated will increase at a much greater rate thereby enhancing your meditation experience. It should be noted that this powerful combination must be done properly to achieve the best results.

Magnetic Healing For Your Health

Magnetic Healing For Your Health

Eastern Philosophy tells us of a balance in nature called Yin and Yang. They are opposite forces of a complete entity or whole. A magnet has both a positive (Yang) pole and a negative (Yin) pole. While the Sun is thought to be Yang, the Earth is considered to be the opposite pole or Yin. Yang is believed to be warming, radiating and repelling, and Yin is considered to be cooling, attractive and magnetic. Yang is associated with Fire, and Yin is at the same time associated with water. Considered polar opposites both must be present for there to be harmony.

To use magnets in your meditation it should be noted that you must use the North Pole of the magnets. It is believed that if you use the South Pole there may be adverse affects. This is done by placing the North Pole of the Magnet against the skin and the South Pole away from the skin. Sometimes the magnets may be marked for easy identification but this is not always the case.

One way you can determine which is the North Pole and which is the South Pole is by using a compass. Place the compass close to the magnet. The end of the needle that normally points toward the North Pole of the Earth would point to the South Pole of the magnet. Once you have identified the individual poles mark the South Pole of the magnet with a piece of tape for future reference.

There are many ways to meditate and also different positions, which you can meditate. The two positions that I find work best for me when using magnets are lying down and standing meditations. If you are used to meditating in the lotus position than by all means you can do that. I do however recommend that you try the standing meditation. This technique has been used for thousands of years and has proven to be one of the most effective when it comes to raising chi energy.

To do a Standing Meditation:

Standing Meditation

Standing Meditation

1. Place two magnets on the floor with the South Pole facing down.
2. Place one foot on each magnet directly under the arch of your foot.
3. Bend slightly at the knees. The amount of bend in your knees will increase the difficulty of the meditation. To start with get into a comfortable position that will allow you to stand for at least five minutes without a lot of discomfort.
4. Place your elbows at your sides and hold your hands in front of your body about 4 inches apart. Picture yourself holding a grapefruit in you hands to get the correct distance. As you increase the effectiveness of your standing meditations and the amount of chi energy you are generating you can vary the length between the hands.
5. Now picture yourself pulling energy up from the floor, into the magnets. The energy will travel up your legs, into your chi area (2” below your navel) and then up you body, down your arms and out through your hands.
6. Feel the energy coming out of your hands into the space between the hands. The area between your hands will feel as if you have two magnets between your hands repelling each other. Visualize this effect and soon it will become so strong that you will not be able to bring your palms together.

At first five minutes will seem like a long time. The goal will be to be able to do this standing meditation for at least a half an hour. Build up to this gradually, increasing your meditation by one minute each day. Do what feels comfortable for you. As you increase your meditation times you will exponentially increase the chi energy levels in your body. As your energy levels increase you will notice a resounding difference in your strength and vigor.

Combining meditation and magnetic therapy has proven to be a great way to accelerate both your spiritual and physical growth. Like everything else you must be consistent and have the right tools to succeed. To find out more about increasing your magnetic potential through supplements please visit:
Super Cells

Seekers Of Spiritual Truth

I am amazed at the amount of people that have visited my site searching for answers. Some are looking for tips on astral travel and telekinesis some are interested in meditation some are curious about their place in this world and want answers and some don’t know how or why they are here, just that they are.

We all have questions and we all want answers. We are basically all in this together at this time, at this place, in this universe. Our time is now for reflection and growth. Tomorrow may be too late.

When it comes right down to it there really is no such thing as separation. We are all in individual bodies but is that body who we really are? Are you more than just a collection of muscle and connective tissue? It’s important to reflect on the nature of your existence, ultimately your life will depend on it.

According to the brightest minds they put the age of the universe at around 20 billion years old, give or take a few. Most are in agreement that it all started with one singular episode. There is also agreement that everything that exists is at its basic level Energy.

The Law of Conservation of Energy states: Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
So if everything that exists today came from One Source and everything is at its basic level energy, than how old do you think you really are? What makes you think that you are different than anyone else? We are all connected and once we can accept this we can start to grow.

With growth comes the things you seek. They are a by-product of your journey and should not be the destination of your journey. The road to growth will take a commitment on your part and can’t be obtained by practicing a few mystical techniques. So take stock in your heart and listen to your inner voice. If you can’t hear the truth I am telling you, if you don’t feel it deep inside you, then you may not be ready to learn. I wish you the best and hope you will awaken before it’s too late.

Become A Spiritual Warrior

Become A Spiritual Warrior

There are many of you that are here because you are dissatisfied with the answers you have been getting. You are here because you have a burning desire to know the truth about yourself and about the world around you. You have an inner voice that is driving you to evolve and understand the nature of your existence. You know there is more to life than what you have seen so far. You question the things you have been taught. You have an inner navigator that is driving you to find the answers you seek.

Why am I here?
What is my true purpose?
Where do I fit in?
What is the truth?
Why do I see things differently?
Why am I not satisfied?
Where do I find the answers?
How do I know things I shouldn’t?
How do I explain some of the things I’ve seen?
What will happen when I die?
Will I be reborn?
How will I know the truth?

These questions along with many others are driving you to seek out the truth. Many of you have tried organized religion and are not satisfied with the answers. You have tried Meditation, Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, New Age, read scripture and still you are left with questions unanswered. Don’t get me wrong, there is great value in these disciplines but for a lot of people they fall short of the mark.

You have a keen sense and can see through the illusion of everyday reality. You know there is more to this life than what is on the surface. You are not caught up in the idea that your mindless daily activities are the only true reality. You are a SEEKER. You have an inner Navigator.

Magnetic Healing

Throughout history mankind has been using magnets to treat ailments of the body. From the ancient Egyptians to the modern day holistic healers, they all seem to understand the beneficial effects magnets have on our body and mind. Some of the most notable proponents for the use of magnets were 15th century physician Paracelus, 18th century Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, and even Cleopatra is reported to have used magnet therapy. Although the FDA doesn’t have enough evidence to support the use of magnets in treating specific ailments it doesn’t disprove the viability of using magnets as a means to aid in the battle of some disorders.

There is no scientific evidence that proves how magnets might work but there have been studies performed on animals and some insight has been gained through these studies. It has been theorized that magnets may work on the body by doing the following:

1. Inhibiting the pain signals that travel to the brain by altering the function of the nerve cells.
2. Aid in the delivery system of essential oxygen and basic nutrients to the tissues by increasing the amount of blood flow.
3. Reverse the disequilibrium that exists between cell growth and cell death.
4. Notable temperature increases in the infected areas.

We can see examples in nature of animals and insects using the Earth’s magnetic field to circumnavigate the planet. Some examples can be found in the amazing ability of the homing pigeon to travel hundreds of miles or the bees’ ability to travel great distances and return to the hive. Humans have also been known to exhibit these abilities by sensing the earth’s magnetic field.

The common denominator seems to be a substance called Magnetesomes, which have been found in the tissues of numerous living things, which includes the human brain. Magnetesomes are a magnetic substance and are thought to be responsible for the regeneration of living tissue and are used in a whole host of functions relating to the health, operations and enhancement of all our inner biological systems. It regenerates, repairs and maintains the health of your nerves and nervous system.

It is through this system of discovery that the art of magnetic healing has begun to be accepted as a viable means of treatment or as an adjunct to an existing treatment. The uses of everything from magnetic bracelets to magnetized water are being used and successful cases of relief are being reported. It is my guess that in the near future not only will this type of treatment be mainstreamed it may also become the preferred method of treatment for certain disorders and also for increasing ones own magnetism.

More on Using Magnetesomes For Treatment

Magnetic Healing

Magnetic Healing

Handbook Of The Navigator Excerpt

By Eric Pepin

You have known your entire life you are here to serve a greater purpose. What you do not know is exactly what that purpose is or what the driving force behind it is. Yet, ever since you were young, you have been aware of it.

Realizing that sense of purpose, feeling it, is the first moment the Navigator makes itself known to you. In its own way your Navigator is trying to reveal to you the nature of your being. How much it reveals to you depends on the choices you make.

For the Navigator to be effective we must listen to it, because like any other instinct, we can repress it, ignore it or be strengthened by it. The Navigator provides an instinctual sense of the truth. As babies, instinctively we know to suckle milk from our mother, so too instinctively we know that the Navigator leads to knowledge that will aid in awakening. This instinct alone will not lead to awakening. You must refine your ability to understand what the Navigator is saying.

It is the responsibility of individuals to train themselves to listen and be aware of the Navigator’s communications. Even if it is ignored and pushed away, the Navigator can never be destroyed.

In the journey up the stream, there were many times the salmon’s instinct was ignored or abandoned. Yet, the instinct was still there, waiting for you to listen to it and continue on your journey. The Navigator is a part of you, waiting for you to recognize it and choose to listen, so that it can fulfill its purpose and help you achieve your higher purpose.

That is right, you have a higher purpose.

Although you may have already felt this throughout your entire life, it is important to acknowledge it. As I mentioned earlier, feeling is the first way the Navigator begins to subtly reveal itself. Are you beginning to see the quiet way of the Navigator? Its purpose, its very design, is to help you achieve yours.

Your higher purpose ties strongly into what you really are. Beyond who you are right now, the person reading these words, there is another part of you. It is your higher self. Your dimensional consciousness. It is your higher consciousness.

Our dimensional consciousness is the truest form of what we are. It is the culmination of all of our lives and experiences. I said lives because we are capable of moving beyond the life we are living now and being reborn into another. Our dimensional consciousness may contain the memories of a great many lives, or this life may be our first. The dimensional consciousness is really our soul, which is just another word to describe it. It is our most complete consciousness.

Imagine if every time we read a book we forgot everything else about our life, or any other book we have ever read, and believed we were the character in the book. It is an absurd thought but that is what has happened!

We have forgotten the totality of what we are. We believe we are only our immediate personality, living this one life in this one body at this one time. That is what it means to be asleep. We have forgotten all that we are. The Navigator is trying to reach down and show us we are not the person in the book but the one reading it with knowledge far beyond the simple pages of our life!

Free Audio Handbook Of The Navigator