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Magnetic Healing Using Chi Energy

The beneficial effects of meditation have been known for many thousands of years. The benefits of magnetic healing have also been known for many years. When combined these two practices can produce amazing results both in the health of the practitioner and in the level of chi energy that will be created. By using the magnets to increase the blood and energy flow the amounts of chi energy generated will increase at a much greater rate thereby enhancing your meditation experience. It should be noted that this powerful combination must be done properly to achieve the best results.

Magnetic Healing For Your Health

Magnetic Healing For Your Health

Eastern Philosophy tells us of a balance in nature called Yin and Yang. They are opposite forces of a complete entity or whole. A magnet has both a positive (Yang) pole and a negative (Yin) pole. While the Sun is thought to be Yang, the Earth is considered to be the opposite pole or Yin. Yang is believed to be warming, radiating and repelling, and Yin is considered to be cooling, attractive and magnetic. Yang is associated with Fire, and Yin is at the same time associated with water. Considered polar opposites both must be present for there to be harmony.

To use magnets in your meditation it should be noted that you must use the North Pole of the magnets. It is believed that if you use the South Pole there may be adverse affects. This is done by placing the North Pole of the Magnet against the skin and the South Pole away from the skin. Sometimes the magnets may be marked for easy identification but this is not always the case.

One way you can determine which is the North Pole and which is the South Pole is by using a compass. Place the compass close to the magnet. The end of the needle that normally points toward the North Pole of the Earth would point to the South Pole of the magnet. Once you have identified the individual poles mark the South Pole of the magnet with a piece of tape for future reference.

There are many ways to meditate and also different positions, which you can meditate. The two positions that I find work best for me when using magnets are lying down and standing meditations. If you are used to meditating in the lotus position than by all means you can do that. I do however recommend that you try the standing meditation. This technique has been used for thousands of years and has proven to be one of the most effective when it comes to raising chi energy.

To do a Standing Meditation:

Standing Meditation

Standing Meditation

1. Place two magnets on the floor with the South Pole facing down.
2. Place one foot on each magnet directly under the arch of your foot.
3. Bend slightly at the knees. The amount of bend in your knees will increase the difficulty of the meditation. To start with get into a comfortable position that will allow you to stand for at least five minutes without a lot of discomfort.
4. Place your elbows at your sides and hold your hands in front of your body about 4 inches apart. Picture yourself holding a grapefruit in you hands to get the correct distance. As you increase the effectiveness of your standing meditations and the amount of chi energy you are generating you can vary the length between the hands.
5. Now picture yourself pulling energy up from the floor, into the magnets. The energy will travel up your legs, into your chi area (2” below your navel) and then up you body, down your arms and out through your hands.
6. Feel the energy coming out of your hands into the space between the hands. The area between your hands will feel as if you have two magnets between your hands repelling each other. Visualize this effect and soon it will become so strong that you will not be able to bring your palms together.

At first five minutes will seem like a long time. The goal will be to be able to do this standing meditation for at least a half an hour. Build up to this gradually, increasing your meditation by one minute each day. Do what feels comfortable for you. As you increase your meditation times you will exponentially increase the chi energy levels in your body. As your energy levels increase you will notice a resounding difference in your strength and vigor.

Combining meditation and magnetic therapy has proven to be a great way to accelerate both your spiritual and physical growth. Like everything else you must be consistent and have the right tools to succeed. To find out more about increasing your magnetic potential through supplements please visit:
Super Cells


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