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Magnetic Healing

Throughout history mankind has been using magnets to treat ailments of the body. From the ancient Egyptians to the modern day holistic healers, they all seem to understand the beneficial effects magnets have on our body and mind. Some of the most notable proponents for the use of magnets were 15th century physician Paracelus, 18th century Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, and even Cleopatra is reported to have used magnet therapy. Although the FDA doesn’t have enough evidence to support the use of magnets in treating specific ailments it doesn’t disprove the viability of using magnets as a means to aid in the battle of some disorders.

There is no scientific evidence that proves how magnets might work but there have been studies performed on animals and some insight has been gained through these studies. It has been theorized that magnets may work on the body by doing the following:

1. Inhibiting the pain signals that travel to the brain by altering the function of the nerve cells.
2. Aid in the delivery system of essential oxygen and basic nutrients to the tissues by increasing the amount of blood flow.
3. Reverse the disequilibrium that exists between cell growth and cell death.
4. Notable temperature increases in the infected areas.

We can see examples in nature of animals and insects using the Earth’s magnetic field to circumnavigate the planet. Some examples can be found in the amazing ability of the homing pigeon to travel hundreds of miles or the bees’ ability to travel great distances and return to the hive. Humans have also been known to exhibit these abilities by sensing the earth’s magnetic field.

The common denominator seems to be a substance called Magnetesomes, which have been found in the tissues of numerous living things, which includes the human brain. Magnetesomes are a magnetic substance and are thought to be responsible for the regeneration of living tissue and are used in a whole host of functions relating to the health, operations and enhancement of all our inner biological systems. It regenerates, repairs and maintains the health of your nerves and nervous system.

It is through this system of discovery that the art of magnetic healing has begun to be accepted as a viable means of treatment or as an adjunct to an existing treatment. The uses of everything from magnetic bracelets to magnetized water are being used and successful cases of relief are being reported. It is my guess that in the near future not only will this type of treatment be mainstreamed it may also become the preferred method of treatment for certain disorders and also for increasing ones own magnetism.

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Magnetic Healing

Magnetic Healing


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