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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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9 Powerful Tips to Guarantee Your Manifestations Won’t Work

1. Keep Doubting.
It reduces the chance of being disappointed doesn’t it? Before you begin your session, remember to try and distinguish truth from fiction. Close your mind and try to manifest while questioning if there is any scientific proof to establish that your mind really has a link with reality.

2. Tomorrow will be a much better day for Manifesting.
Keep procrastinating until the exact perfect day comes. Even though you recognize you need change in your life now, wait till you have the perfect instant to work on it, which is likely not today. It’s more important to finish today’s drudgery, bring your tension home, and replay all the negativity in your head while watching how much others have that you don’t, observing these before concentrating on your manifestation is important. You’ll probably still have the motivation and energy right before bed to do your manifestation.  Read the rest at Friamins Blog


Spiritual Awareness Begins With Non-Thought: Milarepa’s Cave

To begin to develop our spiritual awareness we must perfect the ability to still our mind. Once this state is achieved it will be much easier to return there and the real work of growth can occur. When a thought arises we attach ourselves to it with all the intensity of a mother protecting her young. The trick is to remain unattached to our thoughts. Allow the thought to enter and just flutter away. Find the space between your thoughts, be aware of the feeling you get and experience a deep and powerful awareness.

Milarepa’s Cave

“When the yogi Milarepa was living in a cave, his only possession was a clay bowl in which he cooked nettles. Two hunters who had seen the smoke from his fire came to the cave at night to steal some food. When they began to search the cave, Milarepa laughed and said, ‘I am a yogi, and during the day I can find little to eat. How do you expect to find anything at night? This is a dark, empty place – there is nothing to take away.'”

When the mind is still, thoughts are like drawings on water  – before we finish drawing, they flow away. Some people can see a thought when it arises, and then like snow in California, it is gone beforre it touches the ground. When we meditate our mind should be like Milarepas cave – uncluttered. In the same manner when we do not let our minds fill with thoughts, negative forces will have nothing to grasp, and so they cannot be of harm to us.

Tarthang Tulku

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Fun Way To Test Your Psychic Ability

There are different ways to test and develop you psychic ability.
Here is something I like to do when I am at a movie theater or waiting in line at the grocery store or bank. This can also be done while you are sitting in traffic. With a bit of practice you will be amazed at the effectiveness of this technique. I will use the movie theater as my example but the technique is the same wherever you use it.
After the movie has started and everyone is engaged in the flick choose a person that is seated in front of you. Make sure they are several rows forward and off to the side.
Begin by relaxing your body by taking several deep breaths. Clear your mind of all thoughts.
Focus your attention on the back of the individual’s head and nothing else.
You’re going to send a thought to this person. I like to tell them that they have an itch on their head. You can vary this but you want to make it something simple. Repeat in your mind “your head is very itchy” do this several times and concentrate on their head becoming very itchy.
With practice you will find that this works surprisingly well.
Part of the reason it works so well is that they’re so immersed in the movie that they are more receptive to suggestions. They have set aside most of the senseless mind babble and are focusing on only one thing.
Have fun with this but don’t get caught staring at someone, might make them uncomfortable. It’s all in good fun 🙂