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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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9 Powerful Tips to Guarantee Your Manifestations Won’t Work

1. Keep Doubting.
It reduces the chance of being disappointed doesn’t it? Before you begin your session, remember to try and distinguish truth from fiction. Close your mind and try to manifest while questioning if there is any scientific proof to establish that your mind really has a link with reality.

2. Tomorrow will be a much better day for Manifesting.
Keep procrastinating until the exact perfect day comes. Even though you recognize you need change in your life now, wait till you have the perfect instant to work on it, which is likely not today. It’s more important to finish today’s drudgery, bring your tension home, and replay all the negativity in your head while watching how much others have that you don’t, observing these before concentrating on your manifestation is important. You’ll probably still have the motivation and energy right before bed to do your manifestation.  Read the rest at Friamins Blog


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  1. Thank you for all the great information. Very much appreciated

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