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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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Your Spiritual Journey Into Higher Consciousness Is About To Begin

Your Spiritual Life

Your Spiritual Life

What you are about to experience is a profoundly new concept to approaching Higher Consciousness. I am going to speak of a meditation that goes beyond normal meditation as most people understand it.

I am going to teach you, the listener, the missing link that other schools of self development either have no idea about or simply will not give the information out because they assume most people are not ready for it.

At some point in your life you learned about the soul. It was explained to you that when you die it is who you really are.

You will learn that the soul is actually another body, similar to your physical body but made of energy.
When you touch or smell something your physical body converts the experience into energy and the brain experiences it for you.

The brain is also physical but the question is “Does the brain report to something higher”?
I believe so. It’s called the mind. It is who you really are.

The mind is not physical it’s made of energy and often considered to be the soul. The mind being made of energy can not experience the physical world so it uses the physical or organic body to explore and experience this dimension.

Everything you touch, smell, taste, see and hear is converted into energy for the mind.
When you attempt to experience a dimensional realm, God, the Universe, Prana, the Force, call it what you will, you are trying with a physical body and an organic brain. You are using the wrong tool for the job.

The brain has gotten you far but it has reached it’s limit to interpret this place you wish to understand.

Imagine that a horse has taken you across the land to the ocean shore. Do you now expect the horse to take you across the ocean? Of course not, but that is exactly what you are doing.

You must first learn of this other body. Learn to nourish it with energy and make it strong.
Allow your mind to interface with it so your dimensional brain can interpret dimensional places and experiences for you as your physical body does for you here.
Eric Pepin

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  1. totally love your page and so nice to find a like minded person , on my first post at dig. keep at it my friend . will come by often:)

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