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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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My Higher Self…..The Journey Continues….

As we look at the world around us and we see the pain and sorrow we would like to change. It all seems so distant and beyond our abilities to heal or make any difference.
As we begin to look deep within ourselves we realize that there is one thing we can change and that is how we relate to ourselves. By looking deep within we are learning more of the truth of what we are and who we always have been. We begin to move beyond the illusions and limitations of the world and we begin to transform our lives and become filled with love and joy.Higher Self

To get closer to healing and self-awareness we must come in contact with our higher self. This Higher Self knows all there is to know about us. It is the place within us that holds the knowledge of all our dreams, fears, our personalities, all our possible choices, the past and even our future potential. This Higher self can be a luminous guide helping us to see everything more clearly. Experience the joy of knowing that our choices are are leading us towards our highest goals of goodness.

We often feel alone and isolated as we move through life’s challenges and difficulties. We often feel misunderstood and unable to make sense of the choices in front of us. We need to involve our Higher Self in our daily lives so we may be able to feel loved and understood, so we may make the right decisions based on a feeling of love and not material needs. Our Higher Self is always there to give us the support and attention we need and guides us closer to the unlimited source of all creation.

As we continue to evolve we find that our illusions of self cannot support our expanded abundant, limitless self. We are aware of the need to live prosperous and spiritual lives but we are restricted by our old ways of thinking that limit us and don’t allow us to actualize or transform into the true spiritual beings that we are. We must learn to find a way through the daily reality of living, in a way that encourages our soul’s limitless desires. We must accept that the Higher Self is the true voice of our soul. We must develop a friendship with our Higher Self so we may begin to resolve and overcome all the challenges of everyday living.

Let your Higher Self become your navigator. Allow your Higher Self to help move your relationships to a deeper level, a level, which transcends the physical realm and allows communication at the level of the soul. Problems which were previously unsolvable can be healed. The connection between souls transcends all the personality and superficial differences. Everything is seen as an opportunity to grow and experience a more loving and joyful way of life

This communion with the Higher Self is a powerful way to use the Soul’s ability to aid you in all the choices you must make. This communion is also transcendently beautiful and profoundly intimate. More intimate that any human relationship could ever become. Who or what could know you better and love you more intimately than the being that made it possible for you to be on this earth?

This communion and intimacy with your Higher Self is what so many are seeking when they are searching for a “Soul Mate”. The search for the one that was created for you. The one that completes and joins your soul in eternal harmony, bliss and love. The one you were meant to be with for all of eternity. That part of you which completes and makes you whole is your own Soul.

Picture how you would feel to know that blissful union, right here and now. This is the endless love you have been searching for. A love, which transcends the whole of human existence. Look deep into the eyes of truth and know that this has always been with you. Has always been a part of you. Has been guiding and nurturing you your whole life. Open your heart and feel true commitment and allow yourself too bathe in the joy of true love. Feel the strength and beauty of this ancient being, a being that you have known for all eternity. Your Soul.

How many life times have you been waiting for this moment? How many times in the past have you joined in this completion? The years of separateness drift away as you once again experience the ecstasy and bliss of true absolute love. Rest in the peace of knowing you have finally come home at last.

It is an amazing gift to experience yourself in this way. If everyone could learn to look within and commune with their Higher Self the rewards would be limitless. The world around us would begin to change and become a thing of beauty and happiness. A true intimacy with the Higher Self would wake us up to our true abundant limitless nature. We would recognize that we are not separate beings toiling in an endless sea of uncertainty. We would realize that we are more powerful and more connected and our lives have more meaning than we could ever realize. Discover pure joy and real happiness. It just takes an open heart, an open mind, and a willingness to accept and practice getting to know your true self.

Discover your Higher Self. Discover you true nature. Discover your Navigator


Very Important Tips On How To Stop Panic Attacks In A Car

The reason for this post is because having a panic attack in a car is more common than you would like to believe. I have had several panic attacks in a car and I can tell you it wasn’t any fun. There was no reason for the attack that I could logically point to but meditation did help. It is a process and one I plan on winning.

There are a few situations where having a panic attack can cause very disastrous results. Having a panic attack while driving is one of those situations. If you’re driving, you need to have your wits about you. If you have a panic attack while driving, you could potentially get into an accident because you’re not thinking clearly. And if you are one of those people who get panic attacks while driving, you need to seriously learn how to stop them or else you could end up in the hospital or worse. Learning how to stop panic attacks in a car is not unlike trying to stop panic attacks in any other situation. However, most of the time when trying to stop panic attacks you will put yourself in the situations that cause them while you try to control yourself so that panic attacks don’t happen. When trying to learn how to stop panic attacks in a car, this can be a little trickier.

The Reason

Before you learn how to stop panic attacks in a car, you should really work on why you get them in the first place. Many people get panic attacks in the car following some big accident. They were fine until they got into that one accident and now they can’t even step foot in a car without feeling flushed and out of breath. And if they were to drive, they would probably get into an accident again because they can’t keep their eyes on the road with their head going in so many different directions. Think back to before you got the panic attacks and try to pin point the time when they started. It’s likely that they appeared after some big event such as accident where you were jarred or injured.


The best way to learn how to stop panic attacks in a car without actually getting behind the wheel is to meditate. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, focusing on your breath, until you feel that you’re in a relaxed state. Clear your mind of nothing else but your breath. When you’re completely relaxed, and every muscle of your body is relaxed, then picture the car. Picture you getting behind the wheel or whatever else you do that brings on the attacks and then imagine yourself as completely confident and in control. It will take lots of practice at first and it’s going to take a lot of mental power in order to imagine this correctly. But if you want to learn how to stop panic attacks in a car, without actually getting behind the wheel, this is the best way. Soon, you’ll be so good you’ll be ready to get behind the wheel once more.

Start Slowly

If you want to know how to stop panic attacks, sooner or later you’re going to have to get behind the wheel of a car. It’s recommended that you do just that without actually driving anywhere. Just sit there and imagine yourself driving. Imagine yourself in control. Soon you’ll be able to drive without having a panic attack but you should start slowly before you do something that might incite another attack such as getting on the freeway at rush hour. That will come with time.

Forward To The Light

I’m not really sure where this post is going or where it started from. If you are curious or just looking for answers to the questions that plague you then maybe you can grab some insight from these musings. If not then consider this ramblings from an altered state.

I have no inclination to explain the state which envelopes me, nor do I have the desire to describe the circumstances leading up to the discovery of my own personal journey. It is a road which passes as a wagon travels the terrain of uncharted territory. Non-descript, no end in sight and a yearning desire to reach the final destination.

I was moved by a piece of music that set the tone and inclination for a spiritual connection to the unknown. That place which holds so much mystery and desire for even the simplest of travelers.

It is the journey towards the light. A journey which cant be justified. A journey which you know you must take. A journey that will finally validate you inner most yearnings. How do you approach this journey?

Do you pack a survival kit? Do you make sure all provisions are in order? Do you start your journey knowing where you want to end up or do you take the journey for the sake of taking the journey. This is up to each of us to decide.

My journey began because of a flower. A flower that spends it’s whole life looking for the light. No other purpose no other needs or wants.
It searched for the light which gave it life and completed it’s reason for being.

My journey is that of a flower always searching for the light.

I move forward to the light……….

Enjoy the video I put together….The music is inspiring….
Forward To The Light

How To Do Meditation

Meditation has become a popular way for people to help cope with the everyday trials and tribulations of living in our modern day stress filled society. Some will also want to learn how to do meditation to help connect on a more spiritual level. That inner sense that tells you what you see, what you hear, taste and smell is not all there is to this life. They know that if they don’t know how to do meditation they may not be able to connect with this inner sanctuary. The place where the tire hits the road, so to speak. How to do Meditation

I guess in this small article I want to focus more on the spiritual reasons for meditating and to also give an example of how you can learn to clear your mind to tune into the vibrations of the universal consciousness. I know that’s a mouthful but something so esoteric and generally considered fringe has now become more mainstream. More people are beginning to accept the fact that we are not just a physical body in a physical world waiting around to die. We are universal and connected to everything at the quantum level. It is through this understanding of quantum mechanics that has set in motion the wheels of self-discovery for many of us.

If you are like a lot of us then you have been thinking about ways in which you may be able to connect to this higher source of energy. I know of no better way than to learn how to do meditation and quiet the thoughts that are keeping you from experiencing this deeper understand of self. When the mind is quiet and you learn to listen to the inner voice, which is no voice at all, then you will begin to experience the vastness of the universe and your place as part of this eternal consciousness.

Your intention must be stated before you start to meditate and anything that distracts you from this intention must not be allowed to manifest itself. You are a divine being and your reason for this meditation is to connect with your divine nature. No other thoughts or intentions must take hold of your consciousness before you begin. You must be focused on this and only this. Quiet your monkey mind and empower yourself with the realization that you are a powerful divine being who deserves to experience bliss and love.

Sit quietly and concentrate on the sound of your breathing. Focus your mind on the sound and only the sound of your breathing. When thoughts come into your mind let them flow. Don’t pay attention to them or try to engage in a logical discourse with these inner thoughts. As you ignore them they will become less important. They will hold no meaning other than to distract you from your true purpose, which is to connect with the divine consciousness.

Do not pay attention to the inner movie screen that will try to draw your attention. This is meant to distract you from your true purpose. This is the body’s way of telling you that it is afraid of letting go. It does not want to release the illusion of self. It is afraid of death. It is afraid because its illusion of self is all it knows and all it accepts as reality. We know better than this. We know that our everyday waking consciousness is just an illusion and we want to break free from its mighty grip.

As you let go of the thoughts and the visions you will start to feel a small vibration in the center of your chest. This small vibration is the beginning of your awakening into the true power of the universe. As you become more experienced and are able to quiet your mind and your body you will begin to experience this vibration getting stronger and stronger. Do not be afraid and do not try to control this feeling. Once you separate yourself from this vibration and see it as a separate experience you will lose the connection you had with it. You must allow it to grow on its own and totally envelope you. There is no reason to fear anything; it is who you really are.

So you want to know how to do meditation? Start by doing meditation and inner reflection. Know that what you are can only be felt by experiencing what you are.

Go deeper than you ever thought possible with my favorite meditation program I add this link here because it has given me the tools I need to journey beyond my illusion of self and experience a deeper connection to the divine.

6 Step Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Tibetan Buddhists believe that the practice of meditation will lead the student to salvation and ultimately enlightenment. This has been taught and practiced for thousands of years through the teachings of the Buddha. With so many different types of meditation available it’s sometimes difficult to choose which type of meditation is best for us.
The Tibetan Buddhists have many different forms of meditation techniques, which are claimed by each to have a different objective based on the needs and dissimilar objectives of each practitioner.  Regardless which Tibetan meditation is used the ultimate goal is still to reach a state of Nirvana.

There are many benefits of meditation, which can bring about incredible changes in both you physical and spiritual lives. From a physical perspective you can gain clarity of mind, vigor, and an overall feeling of good health. This will be reflected in all aspects of your life including your relationships with others, your ability to show compassion even under the most difficult circumstances and help you to be a more likable and stable person.

The Tibetan Buddhists also believe that on a deeper level you will advance spiritually and will help you to progress in your future lives. The Tibetan meditation must be approached with the aim of being a benefit to all and not just for the sake of personal gain. It is through this sense of selflessness that puts you on the bodhisattvas path to the selfless experience of Nirvana.

A traditional Tibetan meditation technique is best practiced in the morning when your mind is clear and free from all the stresses of the day. This following meditation is used to help develop your concentration. It is this state where the Tibetans believe a deeper connection will take place. It will allow you to let go of your “I’s” (ego) and experience a deeper connection with the universe. How To Meditate Using A Tibetan MeditationTibetan Meditation
1.    To begin sit on the floor or on a chair and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Keep you spine straight so that the energy has a free path to travel. Your hands should be placed just below your third chakra located just below the navel. Cup your hands face up with the left hand on the bottom and connect each thumb together forming a triangle.

2.    Place your tongue to the roof of your mouth and allow your head to bow forward slightly. Allow your eyes to relax and gaze gently towards the floor. Notice the silence and how your thoughts are beginning to diminish as your breathing is starting to slowly become shallower. You are reaching a state of relaxation and focus.

3.    Bring into focus in your minds eye any significant spiritual symbol. It can be any symbol, which holds value to you, such as the picture of Buddha or an Om symbol. Picture the symbol in front of you at about eye level. Imagine that the object is very heavy and it is glowing and radiating beams of light. Picture the object in minute detail. Observe the object and steady your focus.

4.    Take notice of any thoughts or other images that are coming into your mind and release them. Re-focus on your symbolic image. The thoughts that are entering your mind are just a distraction of your true self. Allow the thoughts to exit without so much as a thought to their importance. This is not the real you.

5.    To increase the efficiency of your focus it may be necessary to increase the appreciation of your symbol by thinking about something that brings great joy to you. It may be a time at the beach or a vacation to the mountains. Whatever will bring a sense of joy to you. This will help you to remain focused on your symbol.

6.    Now carefully look at the symbol you have created. Look at it from all perspective angles. Is the image sharp and stable? Can you pick out all the small details about your symbol? Don’t worry if is not perfect, this will come in time as we learn to control our focus and attention. By developing mindfulness you will soon be able to see the image as clearly as if it were in it’s physical form right in front of you.

This Tibetan Meditation technique offers us a way to develop concentration and observe the inner workings of our mind. It is this introspection that will lead to future insights into the true nature of our being. As our consciousness is freed from the limiting constraints of needless thought it becomes as clear as the cleanest waters.
This is the very essence of perception and reality itself. I use this meditation but the program I have gotten the most out of really taught me how to meditate

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

We all need to reduce the stress and anxiety in our lives!  If you don’t then you are one of the few that has found a way to deal with the stresses of everyday life and I applaud you. We all deal with stress differently, sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t. Left unchecked stress can manifest itself physically in the form of headaches, body aches, illness, colds, fevers and a multitude of other ailments. I know because it happened to me.

My solution was meditation.  It was the only thing that gave me some peace of mind and allowed me to fully relax and stop worrying about every little thing that happens. I was so consumed with every detail that I forgot to stop and smell the roses. Yea I know an overused phrase. But oh so relevant. How many of you take the time to just enjoy doing nothing? I mean just breathe in the smells and sounds. Take a walk and enjoy the movement of your body. Listen to the birds or the sounds of children playing to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Life will go on regardless of whether or not you are worrying about it. Each thought we have influences our reality. We are in control of our emotions and our bodies. Start today. Each time a negative thought comes into your mind make a willful attempt to shut it out. Say; I do not accept that thought. I will not worry about this now. I will be calm and peaceful.  After a few weeks you will notice a big change in your thoughts and in your levels of stress. Try to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. Close your eyes put on some soft music and just stop thinking. You owe it to yourself.

When we realize the power we have to change our lives and take control there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Take the time to get to know your self. Learn who you really are and don’t let others be in control of your happiness. Find the strength within to just say I am special. I am not afraid. I am not worried about anything. I am a perfect divine being. I am !!!!

This is the meditation program I use that has been a great aid in learning how To Reduce Stress and Anxiety. I don’t recommend many things to my readers but this program goes well beyond the normal meditation techniques taught by all the cookie cutter meditation sites. You can tailor the program to your specific needs, go as deep as you like or just use it to help get rid of your fears and anxiety. I give this a big thumbs up……..

Here is a video I created that helps me to relax and reduce the stress and anxiety that became too much of a friend to me. Listen to the sounds and enjoy the scenery. This gives me stress and anxiety relief I know it will help you too.

Learn How To Meditate

Do you really want to learn how to meditate?

Before we learn how to meditate we have to come to an understanding of what meditation is. Meditation can be described as a way to break the chains of our logical conditioned mind and achieving a state of pure relaxation free from the thoughts that constantly run through our minds. It is these thoughts that define our reality and how we react to our surroundings. There are many different ways to meditate and many different reasons for wanting to meditate. It is up to the individual to determine the best course of action and to define his or her own goals for wanting to learn how to meditate.

From Buddhism to Hinduism to Christianity and even new age philosophies the goal of most is to gain control over their thoughts and learn to quiet their mind. It is in this pure state of non-thought that we open ourselves to the deeper vibrations of the universe and get more acquainted with our spiritual inner selves. There must be an intention before the meditation of what you want to achieve during the meditation. With out a clearly defined reason for meditating the outcome will be sporadic and may hold no significant value or insights during and after the session.

As you learn how to meditate and learn to quiet your mind you may be faced with a limitless number of experiences that may be hard to conceptualize. There are tales of people experiencing a multitude of extraordinary visions and insights that can only be best described as life changing. When you learn to listen to your inner voice you must learn to trust in the visions you are seeing. Not seeing in the traditional sense of the word but truly seeing in the most pure sense. It is this inner guidance and inner awareness that tells us that what we see what we hear what we smell everyday is not all there is to this life.

There are profound experiences waiting just on the other side of our normal waking consciousness. If you want to learn how to meditate to experience these other worldly realities then you must focus your mind and create an intention, which will give you a path to travel. Decide what is right for you and trust in your instinct.

Some people want to learn how to meditate to help relieve the tension in their lives. There comes a breaking point in each of us due to the unnatural stresses that are placed on us each and everyday. We are inundated with so much sensory input that we forget who and what we really are. We begin to think that this is actually reality and we forget that it is just an illusion created each and everyday by all of us. We are so consumed with our daily chores that it begins to suck the life out of us. It tears down the very core of our spiritual birthright.

Learning how to meditate will release the stress we have built up over the years and will give us a renewed sense of purpose and vitality with which to live our lives. We can begin to undo the years of self-degradation and self-loathing we have become so accustomed to. The sense of separateness and the pains of loneliness. The inadequate  feelings of pending resolution to the dictates of fate. The loss of self and the denial of our true power. It is a journey of self discovery that will empower even the most cynical of souls.

If you want to learn how to meditate than look deep inside for the reason. Once you begin this journey of meditation you will ask yourself why you haven’t done this a long time ago. The visions and insight you will discover may shock and upset you. It may shake the very foundation with which you have based your life. It will open up a new method of thought that may be so foreign to you that you may begin to question your sanity. This is normal. This is a process of self-awareness, an opening to the inner workings of your mind. But the inner workings of the mind are also an illusion, which you must learn to overcome.

When you get right down to the absolute core of experience you will begin to realize that we are all limitless. We are all connected at the quantum level. We are all unique in our vibration but not separated by our vibration. It will be a journey of self-remembering that goes well beyond the illusion of self.

Do you still want to learn how to meditate?