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Natural Home Remedies To Detoxify Your House

As I was searching for a way to detoxify my body I came across some interesting information on using plants to help detoxify your home. It appears that there are six plants, which seem to be the best at purifying the air in your house. These plants help remove the toxins and pollutants that seem to accumulate in your home. They are low maintenance and are really a natural home remedy.

House plants can bring about both a pleasant feeling and a naturally decorative look to our homes. There are many ailments which are the result of airborne chemicals, including asthma, which these plants will help to eliminate through the miracle of nature. They have also been proven to help reduce stress and also to improve our mental well-being. Since the benefits from using these six houseplants are that they can remove toxins, pollutants, and carbon dioxide it would be well worth your while to keep some of these plants nearby.

Snake Plant
This plant will remove toxins in rooms where no other plants will grow because of it’s hardy almost indestructible nature you can put them in areas with no windows. Put one in your work place or any other room that has little to no sunlight.

Gerbera Daisy
Gerbera is superior in removing carcinogens like benzene. It will thrive in the shade, and prefers moisture and well-drained soil.

Christmas Cactus
The Christmas Cactus is perfect for your bedroom, living room, or other rooms that get used frequently at night. The reason is that this plant gives off oxygen at night while many of the more common plants produce oxygen mainly during the day.

Rubber Plant
This is the best houseplant at removing indoor chemicals, such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, which can be found in particleboard, furniture and upholstery. The rubber plant is also a great humidifier. Keep one anywhere you need a decorative plant that puts a lot moisture into the air.

Mauna Loa
These fragrant flowers can be found in many public places. They are borne enclosed in a large, oval, white spathe. They prefer well-drained soil, and moisture.

Spider Plant
This spider plant makes the top five list of house plants that are excellent at removing formalhydehyde from indoor air.
As this plant matures, they produce star shaped flowers that give the appearance of spiders dangling, hence the name “Spider Plant”.

These indoor houseplants really are our home’s natural remedy for purifying the air and removing toxins that make some of us ill. As a preventative measure let’s be proactive and start to come up with ways that we can use to purify and detox our homes and our lives. Especially if you are responsible for children. We want them to grow up in the safest and cleanest environment possible.

Have fun and go get some plants.


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