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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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On The Nature of Reality

Here is an interesting episode in the Buddhist chronicles between two wise persons —King Milinda and the Arahat Ven. Nagasena.
The King asked, “By what name shall I know you, Sir?” King Milinda
Ven Nagasena answered, “My companions call me Nagasena.
But the name and the person whom the name refers to do not
really exist.”
The King commented, “If Nagasena and the person do not
exist, to whom do people offer alms and who receive these
offerings? Since you receive them, you really exist. Why did you
tell a lie in spite of your higher nobility?”
Ven. Nagasena enquired, “Your Majesty, did you come to this
monastery on foot or by chariot?”
The King replied, “I came by chariot.”
Ven. Nagasena enquired further, “Well then, please show me
your chariot? Is the horse the chariot? Is the wheel the chariot?
Is the axle the chariot? Is the carriage the chariot?”
The King answered “No” to all these question.
Ven. Nagasena remarked, “Is there a chariot beside the horse,
the wheel, the axle, the carriage, etc.?”
The King again said “No”.
Ven. Nagasena commented, “Your Majesty, you said you came
here by chariot; yet you could not show me the chariot! Why did
you tell a lie inspite of your high honor?”
The King consented, “There is no chariot beside the horse,
the wheels, the axle and the carriage. Just a combination of these
things has been named the chariot.”
Ven. Nagasena remarked, “Very well, your Majesty, you should
understand Nagasena as you understood the chariot.”


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