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6 Step Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Tibetan Buddhists believe that the practice of meditation will lead the student to salvation and ultimately enlightenment. This has been taught and practiced for thousands of years through the teachings of the Buddha. With so many different types of meditation available it’s sometimes difficult to choose which type of meditation is best for us.
The Tibetan Buddhists have many different forms of meditation techniques, which are claimed by each to have a different objective based on the needs and dissimilar objectives of each practitioner.  Regardless which Tibetan meditation is used the ultimate goal is still to reach a state of Nirvana.

There are many benefits of meditation, which can bring about incredible changes in both you physical and spiritual lives. From a physical perspective you can gain clarity of mind, vigor, and an overall feeling of good health. This will be reflected in all aspects of your life including your relationships with others, your ability to show compassion even under the most difficult circumstances and help you to be a more likable and stable person.

The Tibetan Buddhists also believe that on a deeper level you will advance spiritually and will help you to progress in your future lives. The Tibetan meditation must be approached with the aim of being a benefit to all and not just for the sake of personal gain. It is through this sense of selflessness that puts you on the bodhisattvas path to the selfless experience of Nirvana.

A traditional Tibetan meditation technique is best practiced in the morning when your mind is clear and free from all the stresses of the day. This following meditation is used to help develop your concentration. It is this state where the Tibetans believe a deeper connection will take place. It will allow you to let go of your “I’s” (ego) and experience a deeper connection with the universe. How To Meditate Using A Tibetan MeditationTibetan Meditation
1.    To begin sit on the floor or on a chair and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Keep you spine straight so that the energy has a free path to travel. Your hands should be placed just below your third chakra located just below the navel. Cup your hands face up with the left hand on the bottom and connect each thumb together forming a triangle.

2.    Place your tongue to the roof of your mouth and allow your head to bow forward slightly. Allow your eyes to relax and gaze gently towards the floor. Notice the silence and how your thoughts are beginning to diminish as your breathing is starting to slowly become shallower. You are reaching a state of relaxation and focus.

3.    Bring into focus in your minds eye any significant spiritual symbol. It can be any symbol, which holds value to you, such as the picture of Buddha or an Om symbol. Picture the symbol in front of you at about eye level. Imagine that the object is very heavy and it is glowing and radiating beams of light. Picture the object in minute detail. Observe the object and steady your focus.

4.    Take notice of any thoughts or other images that are coming into your mind and release them. Re-focus on your symbolic image. The thoughts that are entering your mind are just a distraction of your true self. Allow the thoughts to exit without so much as a thought to their importance. This is not the real you.

5.    To increase the efficiency of your focus it may be necessary to increase the appreciation of your symbol by thinking about something that brings great joy to you. It may be a time at the beach or a vacation to the mountains. Whatever will bring a sense of joy to you. This will help you to remain focused on your symbol.

6.    Now carefully look at the symbol you have created. Look at it from all perspective angles. Is the image sharp and stable? Can you pick out all the small details about your symbol? Don’t worry if is not perfect, this will come in time as we learn to control our focus and attention. By developing mindfulness you will soon be able to see the image as clearly as if it were in it’s physical form right in front of you.

This Tibetan Meditation technique offers us a way to develop concentration and observe the inner workings of our mind. It is this introspection that will lead to future insights into the true nature of our being. As our consciousness is freed from the limiting constraints of needless thought it becomes as clear as the cleanest waters.
This is the very essence of perception and reality itself. I use this meditation but the program I have gotten the most out of really taught me how to meditate


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  1. i want to learn telepathy and remove demons inside me

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