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How To Do Meditation

Meditation has become a popular way for people to help cope with the everyday trials and tribulations of living in our modern day stress filled society. Some will also want to learn how to do meditation to help connect on a more spiritual level. That inner sense that tells you what you see, what you hear, taste and smell is not all there is to this life. They know that if they don’t know how to do meditation they may not be able to connect with this inner sanctuary. The place where the tire hits the road, so to speak. How to do Meditation

I guess in this small article I want to focus more on the spiritual reasons for meditating and to also give an example of how you can learn to clear your mind to tune into the vibrations of the universal consciousness. I know that’s a mouthful but something so esoteric and generally considered fringe has now become more mainstream. More people are beginning to accept the fact that we are not just a physical body in a physical world waiting around to die. We are universal and connected to everything at the quantum level. It is through this understanding of quantum mechanics that has set in motion the wheels of self-discovery for many of us.

If you are like a lot of us then you have been thinking about ways in which you may be able to connect to this higher source of energy. I know of no better way than to learn how to do meditation and quiet the thoughts that are keeping you from experiencing this deeper understand of self. When the mind is quiet and you learn to listen to the inner voice, which is no voice at all, then you will begin to experience the vastness of the universe and your place as part of this eternal consciousness.

Your intention must be stated before you start to meditate and anything that distracts you from this intention must not be allowed to manifest itself. You are a divine being and your reason for this meditation is to connect with your divine nature. No other thoughts or intentions must take hold of your consciousness before you begin. You must be focused on this and only this. Quiet your monkey mind and empower yourself with the realization that you are a powerful divine being who deserves to experience bliss and love.

Sit quietly and concentrate on the sound of your breathing. Focus your mind on the sound and only the sound of your breathing. When thoughts come into your mind let them flow. Don’t pay attention to them or try to engage in a logical discourse with these inner thoughts. As you ignore them they will become less important. They will hold no meaning other than to distract you from your true purpose, which is to connect with the divine consciousness.

Do not pay attention to the inner movie screen that will try to draw your attention. This is meant to distract you from your true purpose. This is the body’s way of telling you that it is afraid of letting go. It does not want to release the illusion of self. It is afraid of death. It is afraid because its illusion of self is all it knows and all it accepts as reality. We know better than this. We know that our everyday waking consciousness is just an illusion and we want to break free from its mighty grip.

As you let go of the thoughts and the visions you will start to feel a small vibration in the center of your chest. This small vibration is the beginning of your awakening into the true power of the universe. As you become more experienced and are able to quiet your mind and your body you will begin to experience this vibration getting stronger and stronger. Do not be afraid and do not try to control this feeling. Once you separate yourself from this vibration and see it as a separate experience you will lose the connection you had with it. You must allow it to grow on its own and totally envelope you. There is no reason to fear anything; it is who you really are.

So you want to know how to do meditation? Start by doing meditation and inner reflection. Know that what you are can only be felt by experiencing what you are.

Go deeper than you ever thought possible with my favorite meditation program I add this link here because it has given me the tools I need to journey beyond my illusion of self and experience a deeper connection to the divine.


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