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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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My Higher Self…..The Journey Continues….

As we look at the world around us and we see the pain and sorrow we would like to change. It all seems so distant and beyond our abilities to heal or make any difference.
As we begin to look deep within ourselves we realize that there is one thing we can change and that is how we relate to ourselves. By looking deep within we are learning more of the truth of what we are and who we always have been. We begin to move beyond the illusions and limitations of the world and we begin to transform our lives and become filled with love and joy.Higher Self

To get closer to healing and self-awareness we must come in contact with our higher self. This Higher Self knows all there is to know about us. It is the place within us that holds the knowledge of all our dreams, fears, our personalities, all our possible choices, the past and even our future potential. This Higher self can be a luminous guide helping us to see everything more clearly. Experience the joy of knowing that our choices are are leading us towards our highest goals of goodness.

We often feel alone and isolated as we move through life’s challenges and difficulties. We often feel misunderstood and unable to make sense of the choices in front of us. We need to involve our Higher Self in our daily lives so we may be able to feel loved and understood, so we may make the right decisions based on a feeling of love and not material needs. Our Higher Self is always there to give us the support and attention we need and guides us closer to the unlimited source of all creation.

As we continue to evolve we find that our illusions of self cannot support our expanded abundant, limitless self. We are aware of the need to live prosperous and spiritual lives but we are restricted by our old ways of thinking that limit us and don’t allow us to actualize or transform into the true spiritual beings that we are. We must learn to find a way through the daily reality of living, in a way that encourages our soul’s limitless desires. We must accept that the Higher Self is the true voice of our soul. We must develop a friendship with our Higher Self so we may begin to resolve and overcome all the challenges of everyday living.

Let your Higher Self become your navigator. Allow your Higher Self to help move your relationships to a deeper level, a level, which transcends the physical realm and allows communication at the level of the soul. Problems which were previously unsolvable can be healed. The connection between souls transcends all the personality and superficial differences. Everything is seen as an opportunity to grow and experience a more loving and joyful way of life

This communion with the Higher Self is a powerful way to use the Soul’s ability to aid you in all the choices you must make. This communion is also transcendently beautiful and profoundly intimate. More intimate that any human relationship could ever become. Who or what could know you better and love you more intimately than the being that made it possible for you to be on this earth?

This communion and intimacy with your Higher Self is what so many are seeking when they are searching for a “Soul Mate”. The search for the one that was created for you. The one that completes and joins your soul in eternal harmony, bliss and love. The one you were meant to be with for all of eternity. That part of you which completes and makes you whole is your own Soul.

Picture how you would feel to know that blissful union, right here and now. This is the endless love you have been searching for. A love, which transcends the whole of human existence. Look deep into the eyes of truth and know that this has always been with you. Has always been a part of you. Has been guiding and nurturing you your whole life. Open your heart and feel true commitment and allow yourself too bathe in the joy of true love. Feel the strength and beauty of this ancient being, a being that you have known for all eternity. Your Soul.

How many life times have you been waiting for this moment? How many times in the past have you joined in this completion? The years of separateness drift away as you once again experience the ecstasy and bliss of true absolute love. Rest in the peace of knowing you have finally come home at last.

It is an amazing gift to experience yourself in this way. If everyone could learn to look within and commune with their Higher Self the rewards would be limitless. The world around us would begin to change and become a thing of beauty and happiness. A true intimacy with the Higher Self would wake us up to our true abundant limitless nature. We would recognize that we are not separate beings toiling in an endless sea of uncertainty. We would realize that we are more powerful and more connected and our lives have more meaning than we could ever realize. Discover pure joy and real happiness. It just takes an open heart, an open mind, and a willingness to accept and practice getting to know your true self.

Discover your Higher Self. Discover you true nature. Discover your Navigator


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