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Thoughts on Karma From The Buddha

There are some that would ask, ‘If good begets good and bad begets bad why should many good people suffer and some wicked people prosper in this

According to Buddhism, even though many are considered good by nature, it is their previous birth in which they have not done enough good deeds to out weigh the bad karma that is thrust upon them in this life; somewhere in their past lives they were not as wholesome as they should have been. Then on the other hand there are those that are quite wicked by nature that seem to reap all the benefits of this life because of the good karma built up in their previous incarnation.

For example, there are people who are strong and enjoy a very healthy and fruitful life. They are immune to the toils and illnesses that plague many of us. They don’t take very good care of themselves and don’t take precautions to lead a clean healthy lifestyle, yet they continue to remain strong and healthy.

Then there are others who take very good care of themselves in every way imaginable, through proper diet and clean living, yet their health and circumstances never seem to improve.

It is thought that the good and the bad deeds that we commit during this lifetime will be reflected not only in this life but in future lives to come. To escape this cycle one must cultivate the mind and lead a clean and noble life.

This does not mean that all that we suffer and all that we enjoy is totally controlled by our actions in the past, that which we call karma.
Buddha teaches that if this were the case then we would have no reason to live a decent moral life because we are controlled by, and victims of the past.

Buddhists maintain that even though our lives were in part conditioned by the past, it is still within us to change this conditioning and create our future and current well being.

Buddhism does not believe in destiny or fatalism as the “be all end all” explanation to describe the human condition. All Buddhists are expected to continue to do good deeds, not just for the sake of securing a place in Heaven, but to do good deeds to help eliminate their selfishness and enjoy peace and happiness in each present moment.

When each present moment is carefully controlled our future and well being is assured.

‘He for whom there is neither this shore nor the other shore, nor yet
both, He who is free of cares and is unfettered. Him do I call a


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