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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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My Personal Higher Balance Meditation Review

Here is a review I did about the Higher Balance meditation, which I feel is about as good as it gets for anyone looking to learn how to meditate and really experience some profound things. It is hard to put into words my experiences because most times words fail to capture the essence. It’s like asking somebody to prove that you love something.  How can you do it?  You can say you love something but how can you prove it?

Using the Higher Balance Multi-Dimensional Meditation Program for three years has been life Higher Balance Reviewaltering for me. I have always just been a regular guy raising a family and trying to deal with the stresses of everyday life. You can imagine my surprise when I found much more than I intended.

It has opened my mind to the unlimited potential we all possess and how powerful we really are. I now have the tools and insight I need to unlock the powers of my mind and has given me more prosperity than I ever could have imagined.

I am happier and more at ease with myself, and others around me. This is a very big step for me because I have always been self absorbed and lacking in trust. My eyes have been opened to who I really am and that I am not just this person that inhabits this body at this time in history, I am so much more than that and can now see through the illusion that used to be my view of reality.

Begin meditating today using The Higher Balance Meditation Technique

There are so many people worldwide that have considered using meditation to help us in our every day lives. It’s no secret that meditation can help you reduce anxiety, attract wealth, and even experience physical healing. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the knowledge necessary to use meditation to its full potential.

Lucky for us there is a very effective and easy to use system, which will show you how to get the most out of your meditations – It is the Higher Balance Meditation program.

The founder of the Higher Balance Meditation system Eric Pepin, spent 15 years perfecting this technique and has been continually refining it so that anyone, regardless of their meditation experience will immediately reap it’s benefits. This Higher Balance system of awakening dimensional consciousness has allowed thousands of people world wide to untap their unlimited potential and experience more than they ever thought was possible.

The “babbler” is the reason that most people aren’t able to experience a state of calm awareness and pure relaxation. This inner voice is constantly distracting you with mindless chatter and filling your head with self defeating unproductive thoughts. Referred to as the “monkey mind” by Chinese Buddhists this negative, unfocused mind chatter more closely resembles that of an animal and not that of a human being. We have not been taught to quiet the “babbler”, nor have many of us even realized that it exists.

This unique system of meditation provides you with all the tools to quiet the “babbler” so you can begin to focus on the more productive and positive thoughts that you need to make a real change in your life. Don’t worry about having to learn complicated, hard to remember techniques for turning off your inner chatter – the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness system includes a 70 minute guided meditation audio that will train your mind to turn off the “babbler” effortlessly. You will be able to completely clear your mind of any chatter by listening to the guided audio meditation everyday.

Shutting off the “babbler” has many benefits including, a healing positive effect for you both physically and emotionally by letting you get a much needed restful nights sleep. You will finally begin to experience incredible energy and perfect health, which is the very basis of your emotional, spiritual and mental awakening.

The information contained in the Higher Balance Multi-Dimensional Meditation Technique will also train your body to lower its levels of cortisol and lactate-two, both of which are produced by stress and anxiety. These poisonous chemicals contribute to a wide range of ailments, including premature aging, diabetes, cancer, and strokes.

There are few people that know the secrets and the incredible power of meditation and how to unlock that power, until now. The sad truth is that even now many people don’t realize just how much they can achieve through the use of meditation. If you want to experience profound states of consciousness, clarity and peace of mind then the Higher Balance Meditation Technique is an excellent tool to use. You get a truly unique, comprehensive program that is simple to use and takes all the guess work and mystery out of meditation and unlocks it’s true power.

You won’t need to wait for days or even weeks to harness the potential of the Higher Balance Multi-Dimensional Meditation Technique – the entire system is available for instant digital download. Find out in a few minutes how you can start enjoying better health, reduce your stress and anxiety,better sleep and achieving all the goals you never thought was possible.
Find out more about the effects of meditation that will show you how to experience a more prosperous, energetic and fulfilled life. Also find out much more about the Higher Balance Review.


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