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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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Experience The Power Of Positive Being

Imagine having just met a magical being who at the slightest notion can transport you to a magical land. Perfection is what you will find in this magical land. As you enter this new world you notice that you are complete and satisfied in all aspects of yourself. Whatever you desire to achieve, you accomplish it immediately.

Experiencing the awesome power of positive thinking can be achieved through the use of different meditation aids

All of your relationships are harmonious and rewarding. Your mind is clear and concise. You have gained a basic understanding of the dimensional nature of the world and ultimately your place in it. Your physical and mental body feels so exciting and alive. You radiate this wonderful existence and effect all those that enter your world.

Now, recall wonderful experiences that you have had. Try to remember a time when you felt great whether it was a day at the park, a beautiful sunset, a beautiful warm spring day or even accomplishing a goal that was important to you. Let your mind evoke a time that you felt very good and were inspired. Just remember to bask in the experience of satisfaction and fulfillment.

You must remember what it was like as a child to see and feel the magical quality everything seemed to have. All the tastes, smells, sounds and colors nourished our body and mind naturally. You probably even had make believe friends or places that you could revel in for hours of unending absolute happiness. You deeply enjoyed all the pleasures of life without hesitation.

Positive Being is the truth and real essence of these awesome experiences. It is this wonderful, healing and beautiful quality that is always present within us. Picture the brilliant rays of the sun spreading from inside us illuminating all that is positive about us. Every moment we are alive can be filled with wonderful experiences if we let this brilliance envelop our entire being.

All of our potential is held in the realm of Positive Being. It is full of positive thoughts, feelings, images, experiences, skills, visions and abilities. The benefits of our positive being is that it allows us to enjoy new dimensions of our lives and deepen our understandings of all aspects of our life.

For most of us we have only experienced a small portion of what is possible and continue to limit our experiences by not tapping into the dimensional side of our being. We are similar to a multi-faceted diamond that is illuminated by the brilliance of the sun shining inside. The most beautiful colors and the most radiant of facets can be projected in many directions with such a jewel. However, our inner sun may be covered by a thick shield.

If your inner radiance is restricted muddy ice will form around the gem rendering it cold and unknowable. When we have been like this frozen gem for a while we may forget that the inner radiance exists at all. Beneath the muddy ice there still remains many beautiful facets.

Removing the multitude of obstacles that make up our life and our very being is what is at the core of the universal law of attraction and allows you to manifest your desires whenever you want to.

Sensing that we could be more beautiful we may scrub one facet or another. This may bring some improvement in that one area but not a real brilliance. As we remove the mud and ice and reveal the light from the inside we can begin to bring radiance to all the facets that make up our existence. This is the power of Positive Being.

Even the most stubborn obstacles can be overcome with the power of positive being. Each step in your life’s journey can be filled with riches and wonderful achievements. We can eventually come to live in a state of natural harmony with our world, such that the usual conflicts and pains no longer afflict us.

To experience true power and beauty we must utilize the tools available to us that will give us the means to actualize our true potential. Imagine that having this power is like unlocking the doors to a world of limitless opportunity. It is a completely resourceful state of being from which we can encounter each situation skillfully and enjoyably.

Your journey along this path is made easier by understanding that you have the power within you at all times. It is not outside that you need to look towards to become better. You are stripping away the rock and ice so that the true brilliance of the diamond that makes up your essence can shine through.

Find your truth from within yourself and let it flow to encompass your whole existence.


Thought Manifestation

There is one immutable law that governs the entire universe. Its manifestations are consistent and undeniable. We are aware of its existence, but we are completely ignorant of many other laws that have as great an impact on our lives. Still we learn a little more each day as the veil is gradually lifted from our primitive minds.

We understand the Law of Gravity and its effects, and we accept this as truth because science proves it exists. We understand that this law explains how gravity draws and holds together the atoms, which makes our physical reality a possibility. Read the rest at Friamins Blog

The 5 Steps to Realizing “I Can Manifest Money And Abundance!”

Below you will find five things you can do to help you manifest money and abundance in your life.  I learned these from Jafree from The Super Manifestor. This guy really knows how to manifest.

These 5 steps have been designed to help you shift your conscious awareness into truly believing that you are a manifesting being with unlimited potential. Each of the following steps also contains an affirmation that will help you to form a solid foundation to learn how to manifest money into your life. Notice there is a natural order to them. The first step will lead you to the next step and so on. Read the rest at Friamins Blog

How to Manifest Your Desires

You are always manifesting something, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Everything in your life, from the clothes on your back, to the amount of money you have and even the relationships in your life is a product of your manifestations. The truth is you cannot stop manifesting. You really are a very powerful and conscious manifesting being!

Manifest Your Desires

Manifest Your Desires

So if you were to start consciously using this awesome power, what would you focus on manifesting into your life? Is your mindset one of hoping something will manifest into your life, or one of knowing something will manifest into your life? Do you manifest things in your life unconsciously or are you conscious of the things you are manifesting?

We are always sending out a vibrational energy into the Universe that boomerangs back to us in the form of physical manifestations, which reflect the quality of this vibration.The question is, what is the vibrational quality of the energy that you are putting into your thought process?

To manifest your desires use these 3 proven techniques to become a super manifestor

1. Increase The Level of Your Awareness.
Are you truly here now, or more like a robot as you go through your day on automatic pilot? It is well within our reach to be super conscious every moment of every day. The more aware you are of what is happening in the Now, the easier it is to consciously choose the energy you want to embrace in each moment, and what you want to focus this energy on manifesting in the physical world.

The one true way to raise your awareness and connect to your innermost thoughts and feelings is by using daily meditation. When you meditate, you become fully present to what is here now instead of being trapped in the ego games of yesterday and tomorrow. You will only have the ability to consciously create the life you want by living in the present and letting go of your ego driven sense of self.

You Must Consciously Focus Every Day.
Each and everyday start out by consciously manifesting your desires. Make sure that you spend at least 10 minutes in the morning focusing on what you truly want to manifest. One of the best ways of doing this is to spend 10 minutes visualizing that what you want to manifest has already occurred in the physical world.

This conscious form of focusing sets the tone for your whole day and aligns your body and mind to manifest anything you want in your life.

3. Retrain your mind to focus your energy on the things you desire each day.
Spend your day consciously focusing on the kind of things you really want in your life, like money, better relationships and better health. It’s almost like adding money to one of your investments that you can cash out at the end of the year. So every so often ask yourself this powerful question, “What am I choosing to consciously focus my mind on now?”

It is amazing how this one simple question can help you to focus your energy on the things you want in your life and not the things you don’t want. This question will re-center you, ground you, and support your manifesting vibration to grow! You must concentrate and focus your mind so the Universe can hear you and manifest your request physically.

Become a a super manifestor and start manifesting the things you want in your life today.

Learn How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

If you want to learn how to use the law of attraction you must understand the simple premise that “like attracts like”. By constant focusing you will be able to quickly manifest everything you want in your life. It is through our emotions and thoughts that we are constantly sending out specific vibrations.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction

How To Use The Law Of Attraction

What we think and how we act directly relates to the prosperity in our lives and will always be manifested in our lives. This is the Universal Law of Attraction.

As you concentrate and visualize positive thoughts you will start to notice positive results happening in you life.

The following list of affirmations, when repeated every day will really teach you how to use the law of attraction.

These positive affirmations will begin to transform your life, all you have to do is be consistent and use these daily positive affirmations

Your Daily Affirmations

Financially I am successful
I am a powerful abundant being with plenty of money.
I can generate an abundance of money doing exactly what I love doing.
I get the greatest financial returns because I always make the best decisions for me.
I have all the money I need to enjoy my prosperous life right now.
I am prosperous and thankful for the money I have now.
People that love me are always surrounding me.
I allow loving relationships in my life every day.
I am worthy of loving myself totally.
I am always confident.
I feel good about who I am and what I’m doing with my life now.

Above is a list of daily positive affirmations to get you started on your way to learning how to use the law of attraction for incredible results. Continue to repeat these on a daily basis.

There will definitely come a point in time that your thoughts will start to come into being. The day you actually FEEL like a multi-millionaire is the day you will actually magnetize a physical opportunity to become that which you have attracted to yourself.

As you continue to experience the power of daily affirmations you will start to understand the incredible effect it is having on your personal life.

How To Use The Law of Attraction Quickly

How fast you manifest your desires in life is in direct proportion to the amount of quality time you spend and how long you can actually focus your attention on the experience of your desired wishes. For example, if you place your attention on the thought that “I am now making $150,000 a year”, and remain focused on this thought for 2 minutes instead of one minute, you will manifest this into your life twice as fast.

To learn how to use the law of attraction quickly your focus must be of very high importance. It is your ability to always maintain a high level of focus that increases the speed and quality of your manifestations.

Remain Calm And Peaceful

When you learn how to use the law of attraction you must try to remain calm and allow your body to be in a state of inner peace. The amount of time you need to manifest all your desires is a result of the level of calmness and inner peace you can achieve.

The point where you really begin to manifest your desires is when you can maintain a consistent flow of positive thoughts and emotions. Just imagine letting thousands of positive thoughts run through your mind continuously? The world around you will begin to change in ways you didn’t dream was possible. It is at this point you have transcended the realm of possibilities and can begin manifesting all your desires.

Open your heart and your mind to the fact that you are a multi-dimensional being with all the powers of the universe at your fingertips. All you have to do is believe in yourself and change the way you are thinking about your life and the world you live in. This is what you must do to learn how to use the law of attraction.

Start your journey today into the incredible world your mind can create for you by learning how to use the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction – How to Create a Powerful Money Portal

Does the universal law of attraction really work when it comes to attracting more money? That’s the question on the minds of lots of people. Sure it does work but there are rules and secrets to attracting money that will change the flow of money in your direction once you know how it all works.

Right now you may be feeling scared, frustrated, or just stuck. There is a whole wide world of possibilities to be lived and experienced but it’s all out of your reach because you are short on money. Well so you think anyway. None of what you believe about money is really true even the belief that you need money to live the life that you want.

To Begin with Forget all the Money Affirmations

I know all the gurus tell you that money affirmations will change you mind. Money affirmation will help you to attract more money. Many of those gurus made money telling you this nonsense. You know its nonsense also because you are still reading this article instead of spending the money you should have had from using those money affirmations.

Putting all jokes aside there is a powerful way of attracting and it requires that you first become aware of yourself; your very own nature as a magnet. When you become aware of your own inner void and how to use your divine center you can attract money or anything you desire to you. The law of attraction will become a game to you. Your ability to manifest will increase.

The Money Portal is You

You can get the universal law of attraction to bring you what you desire when you learn how to draw intense magnetic power towards you first. That is the true secret. First you become magnetic then you draw what you want.

Think of a magnet and how it draws metals from all various angles. It does not draw from one side alone, it magnetically attracts from several sides and it does so very fast. It is irresistible to all other forms of metal.

That is the true secret to applying the law of attraction. Most people have the law of attraction in reverse. You must first become the portal for raw power. It’s a cosmic power so great that you can manifest anything.

Imagine being able to charge yourself that you become irresistible to all the things that you want. Applying the law of attraction will then become easier. There will be no struggle when you create a desire because that desire will desire you.

Money will Desire to Move Towards You

If you understand the nature of energy you will understand that all things are alive in the universe, including the things we consider dead. Energy can never be destroyed; it is always moving and changing form. Money is also energy. As you become more magnetic money will follow you. You will not chase money, rather it will find its way to you easily. The law of attraction will become a game to you.

You can check out law of attraction with Bob Proctor from the movie “The Secret”.  He really sums it up nicely.