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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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Dowsing The Lottery Review

Dowsing The LotteryI came across this book “Dowsing The Lottery” while doing some research on dowsing and divination. I was so intrigued that I purchased the e-book and dove right in. The book is about $14 and it really piqued my interest. Dowsing is typically regarded as a way to locate water and I just had to see how it could be used to win the lottery.

Now I usually play $6 in the lottery each week. I usually get a couple numbers out of all six tickets. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. But I keep trying.

In the e-book he goes into detail on how to Dowse the lottery and the steps you have to perform in very precise detail. You need a clear crystal pendulum and some paper. I bought the clear crystal pendulum for about $10 and I had the paper. So my total cost was about $24 dollars. You will also need to learn how to quiet your mind and get into a relaxed meditative state prior to Dowsing.

I dowsed the lottery one time and I played one ticket in the mega game. I hit 2 out of 5 numbers and I was real close on two of the other numbers. Now this may not seem like a big deal unless you take into consideration that I have been playing for years and very rarely would ever get two numbers on the same ticket. As I progress with my Dowsing skills I will post my results for all to see. There is definitely some merit to this technique and is worth the small effort.

Below is a little bit about Dowsing if you aren’t familiar. This is from the Dowsing the Lottery e-book.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancient technique used to obtain information via metaphysical means. The nonphysical component of our being relays information to the physical body’s central nervous system through an autonomous function called the ideomotor response. This ideomotor response is accountable for moving the dowsing instrument.

Dowsing 101

Dowsing can take many different forms. Dowsing can be done with many different devices such as divining rods, willow branches, and pendants. This method relies on a dowsing pendulum.

It is a common belief that dowsing can open up channels of communication between the dowser and negative energy. Dowsing is a technique and the pendulum is a tool. The intentions, feelings, and emotions of the dowser are what allow for connections to a particular energy. It is important to have the right frame of mind, and approach with good intent prior to dowsing. If your intentions are negative or you are suffering from emotional problems, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to negative influences. These negative influences can potentially stick around and wreak havoc on your daily life.

The intention of this guide is teach you how to use a dowsing tool. It will be used as a means of connecting to an event, not a positive or negative conscious entity. The dowsing tool is a powerful mechanism and can be used for more than just dowsing the lottery. Protect yourself!



Pave Your Spiritual Path With Gold

Pave Your Path With GoldContrary to what you may have heard being broke and indigent is not a requirement for spiritual awakening. It is what you do with the riches that has an impact on your development. This is not to say that extraordinary wealth could not corrupt you but if your mind and heart are pure and you attain wealth you can use it productively.

How much easier would your path of spiritual enlightenment be if you didn’t have to worry about finances all the time. It is an energy drain to always worry about how you will pay the mortgage or if you have enough money to keep the electric on. How can you pay for the kids college or are you able to afford the best nutritional foods for your family. These seemingly constant reminders will keep you mired in lower dimensional energy realms. You can’t hope to break free of these lower energy thinking patterns until you have broken free from your hamster like mentality of running and never getting anywhere.

Finish reading  Pave Your Spiritual Path With Gold

Why Fear Limits Your Life Potential: Fight Your Fears And Phobias

Fight Fears And PhobiasHave you ever felt like fear was preventing you from reaching your full potential in life?  If so, you are certainly not alone because fear is one of the biggest obstacles that many people face when trying to create better life circumstances.

Below are some of the most common ways that fear can hold you back.

Fear can prevent you from making positive changes.

Sometimes fear can make even the smallest changes seem extremely uncomfortable.  For example, you may be deeply dissatisfied with your job, but feel nervous or uncertain about finding and applying for a better one.  Or you may have always dreamed of buying your own home but worry that the responsibility would be too much to handle.

Fear can prevent you from breaking destructive habits.

We all know that smoking, poor dietary choices, excessive alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle are a recipe for health problems, but we often gravitate toward these habits because they help numb our anxious or fearful feelings.  If you have ever tried to break a bad habit like this, you know how stressful it can be because suddenly you are filled with anxiety and you don’t know how to handle it except to run back to your “pacifiers” – the very habits you are trying to break.

Fear can prevent you from taking risks.

Many of us shy away from risk because we fear negative consequences.  For example, you may hesitate to invest your money because you fear losing it, or avoid starting a new relationship because you were so hurt by the last one.  What most of us fail to realize is that risk can also bring great rewards.  Avoiding risk may help us avoid negative possibilities but we also miss the excitement and joy that come from positive outcomes.

Fear can prevent you from pursuing your goals.

Have you ever dreamed of doing something great but were never able to push yourself to do it?  Perhaps you dreamed of being a stand-up comedian but dreaded the thought of public speaking, or you desperately wanted to be a bestselling author but were too afraid to pen that novel lurking inside of you.

Fear can prevent you from expanding your life.

Social anxiety is another common way that fear can limit your potential.  It may prevent you from attending networking functions so your career or business can’t grow properly, or you may avoid taking that much needed vacation to relax and explore other cultures because you fear flying or being on a cruise ship.

How to Stop Fear from Limiting Your Potential

It’s important to note that all of these fears are most often groundless.  They are merely a perception that things “could” go wrong – but that doesn’t mean they will.

Rather than trying to force your way through the fear, you may find it easier to explore the many ways that fear can be effectively released from your mind, emotions, and body.  When you know how to release the fear, you simply handle it as you would any minor obstacle and then continue on your way to creating the best life you possibly can.


Alternatively download the new Free ebook – 22 Powerful Tools To Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration. Fight Fears and Phobias– Crammed full of valuable tips, exercises and ideas – it could be the most important ebook you read this year.

Dream Symbolism

Although there are archetypes of symbols common to most people, it’s usually better to go within yourself to discover the meaning of symbols in your dreams than to consult a dream dictionary.

Interpreting your dreams requires an understanding of yourself.

Most images mean different things to different people. For example, ask three people what the color “red” symbolizes to them and you can get three completely different answers:

· Blood
· Stop
· Love

Those answers couldn’t be more different! Most images in dreams are like this, which is why YOU are the best person to interpret your own dreams.

During a counseling session, a therapist will sometimes ask you about your dreams. But rarely will they tell you what they mean. Why? Because the good doctor doesn’t know what your dreams mean!

Rather he or she will ask you a series of questions to help you uncover the meaning of symbols and images for yourself. This will often involve free association exercises as well as a skilled discussion of your history with regard to the images and symbols in your dreams.

It can be a long process, but a very rewarding one that leads to life-enhancing revelations!

Remember – Dreams are meant to enhance your life while you’re awake. They’re important messages from the depths of your soul, and all dreams are meant to come true!

Learning from your dreams is powerful, but also fun!

While dreams are meant to enhance our lives and not just entertain us, there’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying their entertainment value along the way!

As you start to remember more of your dreams, you’ll be amazed, and even dazzled, at the latent creativity in your mind. It’s like getting free movies every night … and they’re all produced personally for you and customized for your needs.

Free Chakra Meditation Poster

As you begin to explore the many facets of meditation you will likely get to a sticking point. Sometimes you don’t have the energy or the drive to continue with your studies and your meditations. By putting up spiritual reminders you are able to keep your mind focused on your spiritual growth. You can draw energy both on the conscious and unconscious levels that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your meditations. I created a chakra meditation poster that you can copy and print and hang up in your home, your meditation area and even your workplace to help you to stay mindful of your spirituality.
Download the chakra meditation poster here

Understand The Universe: From Ufo’s, Ancient Civilizations and Chakras To Black Holes

The mysteries of the Universe are discussed in this 2 video 8 hour lecture by Nassim Haramein. To any one that has ever questioned the nature of reality and our place in it then this is a must view for you. Nassim lays out his scientific model of the very nature of our Universe and backs it up in an easy to understand style. You will come away from this experience questioning everything you always thought about the nature of your existence and your place in this world.
View the videos at friamin.com