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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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Free Chakra Meditation Poster

As you begin to explore the many facets of meditation you will likely get to a sticking point. Sometimes you don’t have the energy or the drive to continue with your studies and your meditations. By putting up spiritual reminders you are able to keep your mind focused on your spiritual growth. You can draw energy both on the conscious and unconscious levels that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your meditations. I created a chakra meditation poster that you can copy and print and hang up in your home, your meditation area and even your workplace to help you to stay mindful of your spirituality.
Download the chakra meditation poster here


2 Responses

  1. nice poster! you may also be interested in our shop, which has a wide range of meditation, sound therapy and chakra information and products

  2. its very nice to see these pics

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