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What Is The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane, sometimes referred to as “The Afterlife”, “The Beyond” and even “The Fourth Dimension” is commonly known as the place we will transition to after we pass from this physical plane. The astral plane really isn’t the fourth dimension when you take into consideration that the physical plane makes up the first three dimensions, which includes length, width and height. Time is considered to be the fourth dimension. So we will consider the astral plane as being the “Fifth Dimension” in an otherwise multi-dimensional universe.

The Lower Astral Planes are considered to be, for lack of a better word the “hells” and are inhabited by people who led a relatively dark, evil existence while in the physical world. There is a generally accepted belief system in place that a person will migrate to the plane where “like attracts like”. The inhabitants of the lower plane will continue to act in accordance with their previous earthly behaviors. Murderers will continue to murder and rapists will continue to rape. Of course it’s impossible to physically harm anyone here but the thought of spending eternity engaging in these ruthless acts of violence is hard to imagine. It’s also believed that eventually the inhabitants of this level can progress by learning their lessons and fully understanding the true and bitter pain they have caused and may return to the earthly plane to begin their progression back to the One Source.

The Mid Astral Planes are mainly comprised of decent people who have completed their most recent life in the physical plane. In accordance with the principle of “like attracts like” this plane is believed to be clean, pure and peaceful. Those that find themselves on the mid astral plane have progressed further along on the journey back to the One Source but still are very focused on the material things in the physical plane. They will find an environment that closely matches their experiences on the physical plane. It seems to be a common theme that the planes you arrive at resembles the nature of your existence on the physical plane because it would be too much of a shock to enter the inner astral planes or true spiritual worlds if you have not adequately progressed spiritually.

The Higher Astral Planes (Inner Astral Planes) are the planes where one has transcended the materialism of the physical planes. The setting here is idyllic, filled with all the splendor of a perfect harmonious day filled with love and joy. It has been described over the course of time as having a Heavenly type quality. This is thought to be the last stop on our way to the true spirit worlds and becoming reunited with the One Source. After having experienced these inner astral planes the next time the soul departs the physical plane there will be no desire to return to the lower planes and will want to leave behind all the past desires of materialism.

Regardless of what ones beliefs are you can draw a parallel with the astral planes as a way of progression on our journey back to the One Source or if you prefer God.

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