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Raise Your Dimensional Consciousness to Develop Your Soul

What would you do if you were told that you don’t have a soul? What if you were told that you must develop your soul in order for you to live on past this life?
Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we have a soul and that if we live a decent moral life our soul will continue to live on past this life and into the next. Whether it is in the form of Christianity or Buddhism or any number of religious faiths, we have been conditioned to believe that our soul is immortal and will always live on. There is another thought on this that is interesting to say the least.

The thought is that in order for your soul to continue on after this incarnation it must be spiritually developed to the point that it retains its vibrational identity after you die.

That would shed a whole new light on the complacent attitude most people have when it comes to their spirituality and developing their dimensional consciousness. No longer would you be able to delude yourself into believing that because you go to church and are a good person you will live on for all eternity.

No longer could you justify your lack of work on your spirituality. Your daily activities would take on a whole new meaning. Instead of filling your days with meaningless activities and being so caught up in the Matrix that it becomes your only identity, you will begin to explore the endless possibilities your life can have. Your life would take on a renewed sense of meaning and urgency. You will begin to unravel the mysteries of life and see the real beauty and love that can be found in your life.

If you just opened your eyes and did some serious work on yourself.

Imagine that at the point of physical death your soul is absorbed into a large energy melting pot. No longer recognizable from the millions of other lost souls. No longer do you have a soul with a distinct vibration that sets you apart from the masses. You are lost to a vibration of indistinguishable energy patterns. How sad and unnecessary. How lost, and irretrievably non-existent you will become. This is a scenario, which is a real possibility and should not be taken lightly.

Now imagine the opposite. At the point of physical death your spiritually developed soul is free to move on to the higher energy planes and retain its newly evolved spiritual vibrations. Not quite ready to merge with these heavenly energy planes you are able to reincarnate back to the physical plane where the continued work of evolving can take place. You get to continue your journey to reach the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment and re-uniting with the One Source, God, Universal Consciousness or the Zero Point Field.

It is difficult to understand, given our limited multi-dimensional consciousness, what the ultimate sacrifice will be for a life devoid of spirituality, however the potential consequences of this lifestyle should be enough to motivate you to explore your spiritual side. It’s time to wake up and get to work on increasing your energy and vibrational levels.

Don’t take for granted that you have an immortal soul.

Your life and eternal existence will ultimately depend on it.

What will you do?