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Another View On Dowsing

What is dowsing?
Many of you have heard about dowsing and have come to know it in once sense as a forked stick used for finding water. It has also been called “water witching”. Recently there have been other interpretations about dowsing and one, which I find very interesting, is that it is a way for us to connect with the universal consciousness, the one source or God or whatever you feel comfortable defining that higher awareness of self or ultimate being.

In essence dowsing allows us to use a tool to connect to the higher power, which gives us the ability to access, an awareness of a higher intelligence and lets us connect to our inner core and our subconscious mind.

Dowsing gives us the ability to ask the questions most on our mind and to also get the answers to these questions.

Before we can ask questions using dowsing as a means for obtaining the answers we need to Dowsing Rodconsider the nature of the question and whether or not it is for the good of my higher self that I know the answers.

We must ask permission to be able to receive the answer. The question should be phrased as “should I, may I, can I”? So if you were to ask a question about whether or not there is such a thing as ghosts or life after death you would form the question as ‘Can I, may I, should I dowse about ghosts or life after death”.

In other words can I physically dowse this? Am I in the correct frame of mind? Am I rested enough to dowse this? Do I really want to know this? It all comes down to permission. Do I have permission to dowse something? Many times the answer will be no. Can you dowse it anyway? Yes but the answer may not be accurate.

Many of us are limited by our beliefs and our judgments and will have a difficult time finding the answers to our questions. Dowsing is a way for us to help break free of our limiting thoughts and get more in touch with our inner selves and our subconscious minds. We must ask and allow our higher mind to remove the negativity and the mental blocks, which keep us from experiencing our truly divine nature, and to allow the dowsing to give us the answers we seek.

This is a great way to learn more about ourselves and to also touch that part of us, which ultimately already knows all the answers to everything. Is this really dowsing in the sense that it was originally intended? Maybe not, but I thought it was interesting when I first heard about it.
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