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6 Steps For A Successful Meditation

Meditation techniques for both the beginner and experienced alike.

Meditation is a very personal experience and you will find that what works well for one person may not work well for you. At first you will question whether you are meditating correctly and if you are using the right techniques. Just to alleviate your concerns there is no right or wrong ways to meditate. There are, however things you can do to prepare yourself to get the most out of your session.

Six Meditation Tips

Six Meditation Tips

1. Wear comfortable clothing: You will want to wear something that is not binding and will not be distracting. Loose fitting clothes that will allow your body to move and breathe freely are preferred. Loose fitting organic cotton will work perfectly.

2. Find your spot: Find a spot where you feel peaceful and at ease. It must be a good energy spot that is both secure and free of distractions. Perhaps by a tree in your yard or a room that is soft and pleasing to the eye and senses. Regardless of what place you choose you must be comfortable there. Most of us can sense a place that just feels right to them. There is no logical reason for this other than it just feels right. Use your intuition and you will know the right place for you to meditate. As you progress you will want to find different places to meditate. There are different energy patterns and different experiences to be found in different spots.

3. Choose the best position: There are several positions you can use and there is no hard and fast rule on the right one to use. I prefer to sit cross-legged on a soft thin pillow. In the beginning it will be easier to sit Indian leg style without placing one of your feet on top of the opposite leg. As you gain flexibility you will be able to graduate to this more traditional style called the half lotus. More important than the seated style you use is to make sure you keep your back straight. This will aid in allowing the energy in your body to flow freely. It will help to unblock your chakras and accelerate your meditation experience. It will be uncomfortable at first so don’t get discouraged. If you can only meditate for five minutes in the beginning then that is good enough. Try increasing the time with each session and in a short amount of time you will be doing twenty minutes of meditation with no problem. It is also helpful if you can incorporate some yoga into your daily routine to help strengthen your core and unblock the energy points in your body. This will greatly increase the comfort and effectiveness of your sessions.

4.Choose a type of meditation: Rather than explain all the different methods of meditation I will suggest the one that I feel is the most effective for a beginning meditation. Find some soothing music that you can listen to with a set of headphones. The music must be pleasing for you and not distracting. The music is not the focal point of the meditation but is used rather as a tool to help you get into a deep meditative state. There are many meditation soundtracks available and you should be able to find something that you like to help enhance your experience. I would also recommend that the music incorporate the use of binaural technology. This technology is a great adjunct to your program in that it will help you to achieve the correct brainwave state which will profoundly effect your sessions. Remember, music is just a tool to help you get to the state of consciousness we are looking for. You may find, as you get more experienced that you will not need the music to attain that state. You are training your body and mind on a specific feeling and soon you will be able to enter this state seamlessly at will. The state we are looking for is different for all of us but when you achieve it you will know.

5. Meditate on your chakras: There are seven main chakras points in your body, but we will only meditate on three of them. This meditation technique directs our focus on the Navel, Heart and Third Eye Chakras. As you start your session you will begin by concentrating on your Navel chakra. You will place your focus on this area of your body and nowhere else. If it helps you can place two fingers on this chakra to help you focus your concentration on this area. If you find your mind wandering, gently bring your focus back to the navel chakra. This chakra will generate a tremendous amount of energy as you become more proficient. You will spend about five minutes at first on each chakra. As you become more comfortable you will increase the time to ten minutes and then fifteen minutes. Include only the three chakras discussed and you will see that you will not need to waste your time on including the other chakras at this point. These three are quite powerful when opened and will induce profound experiences of consciousness. As you become an expert in this form of meditation you may want to experiment with the other chakras. That is completely up to you but I recommend against this at first. You must perfect this form of meditation before you can hope to gain the benefits of meditating on the other chakras.

6. Non-Thought: Throughout your meditation session it is vitally important that you practice non-thought. This will get easier as you progress in your training. As you feel your mind starting to wander slowly bring your attention back to the focal point of your awareness, which will be one of the chakras. This is one of the hardest things for us to do because we have not been trained to quiet our minds and listen to our inner voice. It is in this inner voice, which is no voice at all, where truly remarkable insights and understanding takes place. It is our gateway to the powers of our subconscious that holds the key to our ultimate spirituality and enlightenment. Meditating with these intentions in mind will help unravel the mystery of your true power and place in the universe.

Remember there is no absolute right or wrong way to meditate and the results we achieve are directly related to our expectations. If you have expectations of creating a more stress free life then that is what you will achieve. I will tell you however, that if you set your expectations higher you will achieve profound effects and one of the by-products will be a more stress free life.

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What Is The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane, sometimes referred to as “The Afterlife”, “The Beyond” and even “The Fourth Dimension” is commonly known as the place we will transition to after we pass from this physical plane. The astral plane really isn’t the fourth dimension when you take into consideration that the physical plane makes up the first three dimensions, which includes length, width and height. Time is considered to be the fourth dimension. So we will consider the astral plane as being the “Fifth Dimension” in an otherwise multi-dimensional universe.

The Lower Astral Planes are considered to be, for lack of a better word the “hells” and are inhabited by people who led a relatively dark, evil existence while in the physical world. There is a generally accepted belief system in place that a person will migrate to the plane where “like attracts like”. The inhabitants of the lower plane will continue to act in accordance with their previous earthly behaviors. Murderers will continue to murder and rapists will continue to rape. Of course it’s impossible to physically harm anyone here but the thought of spending eternity engaging in these ruthless acts of violence is hard to imagine. It’s also believed that eventually the inhabitants of this level can progress by learning their lessons and fully understanding the true and bitter pain they have caused and may return to the earthly plane to begin their progression back to the One Source.

The Mid Astral Planes are mainly comprised of decent people who have completed their most recent life in the physical plane. In accordance with the principle of “like attracts like” this plane is believed to be clean, pure and peaceful. Those that find themselves on the mid astral plane have progressed further along on the journey back to the One Source but still are very focused on the material things in the physical plane. They will find an environment that closely matches their experiences on the physical plane. It seems to be a common theme that the planes you arrive at resembles the nature of your existence on the physical plane because it would be too much of a shock to enter the inner astral planes or true spiritual worlds if you have not adequately progressed spiritually.

The Higher Astral Planes (Inner Astral Planes) are the planes where one has transcended the materialism of the physical planes. The setting here is idyllic, filled with all the splendor of a perfect harmonious day filled with love and joy. It has been described over the course of time as having a Heavenly type quality. This is thought to be the last stop on our way to the true spirit worlds and becoming reunited with the One Source. After having experienced these inner astral planes the next time the soul departs the physical plane there will be no desire to return to the lower planes and will want to leave behind all the past desires of materialism.

Regardless of what ones beliefs are you can draw a parallel with the astral planes as a way of progression on our journey back to the One Source or if you prefer God.

The first step to perfecting any type of energy movements such as awakening your psychic abilities or traversing the astral planes is to learn how to silence your mind and relax your body. I have been practicing energy movements for many years and if you haven’t been getting the results you are looking for than I recommend you try the following:
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The Power Of Thinking Positive

Learning how to think positively takes conscious effort and the will and determination to succeed. If you’ve ever found yourself constantly stuck in negative thought patterns and expecting the worst outcome in most situations then you can be assured that you are attracting negative things into your life. This is a common mind-set that is difficult to change but the good news is that turning your negative outlook into a positive one just takes a little persistence until the positive thoughts take over.

There are a few things you can do to help you start forming positive thoughts and expectations. Try these on a daily basis and you will start to see some dramatic changes happen in your life.

1) You will need to start developing a level of self-awareness to recognize negative expectations. A problem with negative thoughts is that they often happen below your conscious level of awareness, and you get so used to them being in your head that you hardly notice them anymore. In order to turn the tide of negativity, you’ll have to develop a stronger level of self-awareness. One good way to start is by performing self-checks several times a day. Pay attention first to how you feel. If you’re feeling positive and productive, most likely you’ve been thinking positive thoughts.

The results of negative thinking can manifest feeling of irritability, pessimism and stress. If this is how you’re feeling then you’re probably focusing more on negative thoughts. When that happens:

2) Try and challenge and change the negative thoughts. Believe it or not, it’s fairly easy to change negative thoughts with a little willpower and concentration. If you find yourself feeling doubtful about your ability to finish your work on time, you can try a bit of self-talk like this: “Okay, so I’m feeling a bit worried right now, but really everything is okay. I’m strong, I’m smart and I’m capable of finishing my work on time. I’ll do my best and everything will work out fine.” Even though nothing may have changed in your outer circumstances, this type of self-talk can get you thinking and feeling more positive.

3) While you’re changing negative thoughts to positive, try and develop a general positive expectation habit. Each day when you wake up, affirm confidently, “Today is going to be a great day! Everything will go my way and I’ll enjoy plenty of positive opportunities and fun!”

You will encounter obstacles and problems. When this happens try and see them as opportunities to learn, grow and strengthen yourself. Our perception is 99% of the game! If you simply work on changing the way you look at all the experiences of your life, you will begin to conquer your negative thoughts and habits.

The more you begin to focus on changing your perspective and to emphasize the positive, the more you’ll empower yourself to create better opportunities in your life. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying better and more frequent opportunities and attracting other like minded, successful people to connect with. You will begin to start manifesting everything you have always wanted. You are only limited to what you can conceive.
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Learn How You Can Awaken Your Psychic Powers

We all inherently possess the ability to experience more than what we see in our normal waking consciousness. If we want to awaken our psychic powers we must learn to tap into our sub-conscious mind: trust the messages we receive and know that the only restrictions are those that we place on ourselves.

Most of you have seen demonstrations of spoon bending and other unexplained psychic phenomena and secretly wished that you could perform these things yourselves. Well the truth is that you can if you learn to remove the restrictions of what you perceive as possible and not possible. Everything begins with thought, so if we believe that we can’t bend a spoon or levitate an object we will never be able to do it.

The Christian Bible States: “And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Mathew 17:20

Regardless of what one believes of the bible and its teachings, this statement is absolutely true. Jesus is speaking metaphorically but the message is abundantly clear. It is our beliefs and the degree of our faith that limit our abilities to perform extraordinary feats.

It will not be possible to physically move anything or experience extra sensory perceptions if we perceive them as being separate from ourselves. Separation is an illusion; there is no separation in the Universe. We are all aspects of the same omnipotent, conscious intelligent energy that makes up the world in which we live. Call it the mind of God or Universal consciousness it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we accept our place and understand the connectedness of our existence.

As we begin to lift the veil of restrictions we place on ourselves we can begin to accept the limitless abilities we possess. The psychic powers we seek will no longer seem distant on unattainable, we will have at our command all that is possible. While we think about moving “the pencil” or putting out “ the candle flame” we just have to understand that we are really moving an aspect of ourselves and not something that is separate.

With sufficient determination, and practice anyone can awaken the psychic powers within them. All you need to do is to diligently follow a training regime, remove all doubt as to the limitless possibilities we inherently possess and believe in yourself.

We all have the ability, just gotta use it….