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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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How To See An Aura

What is the aura? Where does it come from and what is its purpose? Is there a connection between the aura and the Universe? Is the aura the same as the soul?
The aura has more secrets than we are first led to believe. Through close observation some of these secrets will surface. The first question is, “What is the aura and how do you see an aura?” It is likely that you have seen an aura many times before but you didn’t know what it was – so you overlooked it. It is time to remove the veils that hide the aura from your awareness.
Video on how to see the Human Aura


Sixth Sense Challenge

Sixth Sense Challenge

Have you ever felt someone was staring at you only to turn around and find that you were correct?

The British Journal of Psychology published a paper by researchers at Freiburg University which found that people could tell when they are being stared at. What sense are we using when we can physically feel someone looking at us? Sight or hearing? Touch, taste or smell?

None of our common five senses can tell us that.

Is the sixth sense the key to inner balance on every level of the human psyche? Can it be that we have forgotten a piece of ourselves through evolution that makes us complete? Is it the tool we will use to connect our brain to our mind?

It’s time to put your sixth sense to the test and try some of these fun experiments to see if you can begin to activate your sixth sense… and how strong you can get it.

First, a word about the programs…

There are many online “psychic” or “sixth sense” games and tests on the internet. Most are either so poorly programmed as to rely purely on random number generators, meaning you can never truly effect the outcome, or are meant for entertainment and marketing purposes.

We don’t recommend 99% of anything out there, simply for those reasons. They do not verify or enable exploration of the truth. That’s what we want. Hopefully, our purpose is pretty clear. We want to give you a crash course in shifting your consciousness and increasing your awareness. If you want more once we’re done, we have the most profound system available.

Right now, it’s not about that. It’s about giving you tools you can sink your teeth into that aren’t bubble gum nonsense.

The site you are going to isn’t affiliated with us in any way. It’s part of an early university experiment into whether or not retropsychokensis abilities exist. You can read about the background of the experiment, and how it works, on the site itself.

Basically, it doesn’t use a computer to create random generated numbers, rather it is created by decaying radioactive material. It’s complicated but an interesting read – if you’re so inclined.

If you aren’t… well, jump right into the games and just know that this is the best, most legitimate and valid system we’ve found in playing with the sixth sense on the Internet. If you can consistently alter the results of these games… you are doing the real thing!

Good luck and have fun!
Click Here and Go to the RetroPsychoKinesis Project now!

7 Steps to Creating PSI Balls Of Energy

First and foremost the first thing you need to accept before you can try and create a psi ball of energy is to accept the fact that we are all basically energy beings. All life is sustained by means of the Life Force, which pervades the entire universe, and is evident in all dimensions of life and reality.
There are many names for this Life Force but it is still fundamentally the energy from which all things are made and are integral aspects. Once we can accept this we can begin to learn energy control.

Psi Balls are all about Perfecting our Energy

Psi Balls are all about Perfecting our Energy

To begin with your mind and thoughts must be focused entirely on the task at hand. Put aside all the mundane things of daily life and have confidence that you have the ability to create a PSI Ball. Without this belief you will not succeed and with failure comes the belief that these abilities are beyond your reach.

1. Completely relax. It is important that you are able to achieve a state of complete relaxation as quickly and deeply as possible. It would be very helpful to learn meditation and relaxation exercises to help you get into this state quickly.

2. Close your eyes and imagine a glowing white sphere of white light on the top of your head. Hold the white sphere of light in this position at the top of your head.

3. Now imagine this light beginning to travel down your body; through your neck to your shoulders. As the light gets to your shoulders the light divides in two, half the light travels down your right arm and half the light travels down your left arm.

4. As the light reaches your wrists notice how bright and powerful the light is. Feel the energy and know that it will respond to your every thought.

5. Place your hands about four inches apart and fingers slightly cupped as if you were holding a grapefruit. Imagine the brilliant white balls of light traveling from your wrists to the palms of your hands and then emerge from your palms to form a brilliant white ball of light between your cupped hands.

6. Focus on the ball of light and feel the warm glow of energy coming from the ball of light. Picture the ball of light, as it increasingly gets hotter and hotter. Feel the pulsating power and know beyond all doubt that it will respond to your every wish.

7. Finally, move your hands closer together and feel the energy as it resists you and fights your efforts to compress it. Move your hands apart and notice how the energy releases with your movements.

You have just created your first PSI ball of energy. With practice you can learn to manipulate this energy and know that it is at your will and will react the way you want it too. If you want the light to be more visible, all you have to do is will it to be so. Give thanks to the Universe for the powers that have allowed you to accomplish this and appreciation for the understanding that we are all part of the Universal Life Force. There really is no such thing as separation; it is a construct we must break free of. When you can really understand that, creating a PSI ball of energy is just the tip of the iceberg.

Magnetic Healing

Throughout history mankind has been using magnets to treat ailments of the body. From the ancient Egyptians to the modern day holistic healers, they all seem to understand the beneficial effects magnets have on our body and mind. Some of the most notable proponents for the use of magnets were 15th century physician Paracelus, 18th century Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, and even Cleopatra is reported to have used magnet therapy. Although the FDA doesn’t have enough evidence to support the use of magnets in treating specific ailments it doesn’t disprove the viability of using magnets as a means to aid in the battle of some disorders.

There is no scientific evidence that proves how magnets might work but there have been studies performed on animals and some insight has been gained through these studies. It has been theorized that magnets may work on the body by doing the following:

1. Inhibiting the pain signals that travel to the brain by altering the function of the nerve cells.
2. Aid in the delivery system of essential oxygen and basic nutrients to the tissues by increasing the amount of blood flow.
3. Reverse the disequilibrium that exists between cell growth and cell death.
4. Notable temperature increases in the infected areas.

We can see examples in nature of animals and insects using the Earth’s magnetic field to circumnavigate the planet. Some examples can be found in the amazing ability of the homing pigeon to travel hundreds of miles or the bees’ ability to travel great distances and return to the hive. Humans have also been known to exhibit these abilities by sensing the earth’s magnetic field.

The common denominator seems to be a substance called Magnetesomes, which have been found in the tissues of numerous living things, which includes the human brain. Magnetesomes are a magnetic substance and are thought to be responsible for the regeneration of living tissue and are used in a whole host of functions relating to the health, operations and enhancement of all our inner biological systems. It regenerates, repairs and maintains the health of your nerves and nervous system.

It is through this system of discovery that the art of magnetic healing has begun to be accepted as a viable means of treatment or as an adjunct to an existing treatment. The uses of everything from magnetic bracelets to magnetized water are being used and successful cases of relief are being reported. It is my guess that in the near future not only will this type of treatment be mainstreamed it may also become the preferred method of treatment for certain disorders and also for increasing ones own magnetism.

More on Using Magnetesomes For Treatment

Magnetic Healing

Magnetic Healing

Handbook Of The Navigator Excerpt

By Eric Pepin

You have known your entire life you are here to serve a greater purpose. What you do not know is exactly what that purpose is or what the driving force behind it is. Yet, ever since you were young, you have been aware of it.

Realizing that sense of purpose, feeling it, is the first moment the Navigator makes itself known to you. In its own way your Navigator is trying to reveal to you the nature of your being. How much it reveals to you depends on the choices you make.

For the Navigator to be effective we must listen to it, because like any other instinct, we can repress it, ignore it or be strengthened by it. The Navigator provides an instinctual sense of the truth. As babies, instinctively we know to suckle milk from our mother, so too instinctively we know that the Navigator leads to knowledge that will aid in awakening. This instinct alone will not lead to awakening. You must refine your ability to understand what the Navigator is saying.

It is the responsibility of individuals to train themselves to listen and be aware of the Navigator’s communications. Even if it is ignored and pushed away, the Navigator can never be destroyed.

In the journey up the stream, there were many times the salmon’s instinct was ignored or abandoned. Yet, the instinct was still there, waiting for you to listen to it and continue on your journey. The Navigator is a part of you, waiting for you to recognize it and choose to listen, so that it can fulfill its purpose and help you achieve your higher purpose.

That is right, you have a higher purpose.

Although you may have already felt this throughout your entire life, it is important to acknowledge it. As I mentioned earlier, feeling is the first way the Navigator begins to subtly reveal itself. Are you beginning to see the quiet way of the Navigator? Its purpose, its very design, is to help you achieve yours.

Your higher purpose ties strongly into what you really are. Beyond who you are right now, the person reading these words, there is another part of you. It is your higher self. Your dimensional consciousness. It is your higher consciousness.

Our dimensional consciousness is the truest form of what we are. It is the culmination of all of our lives and experiences. I said lives because we are capable of moving beyond the life we are living now and being reborn into another. Our dimensional consciousness may contain the memories of a great many lives, or this life may be our first. The dimensional consciousness is really our soul, which is just another word to describe it. It is our most complete consciousness.

Imagine if every time we read a book we forgot everything else about our life, or any other book we have ever read, and believed we were the character in the book. It is an absurd thought but that is what has happened!

We have forgotten the totality of what we are. We believe we are only our immediate personality, living this one life in this one body at this one time. That is what it means to be asleep. We have forgotten all that we are. The Navigator is trying to reach down and show us we are not the person in the book but the one reading it with knowledge far beyond the simple pages of our life!

Free Audio Handbook Of The Navigator

How To Meditate

Learn To Meditate By Building A Solid Foundation

If you are like most of us and have heard about all the benefits of meditation the first thing that comes to mind is where do I start?
How do I meditate?
What type of meditation should I do?
How long should I meditate for?
Should I use a mantra?
Should I concentrate on my breath?
Should I lay down?
Should I sit in a Lotus position?
How long should I meditate for?
Should I use music?
Should I light candles?
Should I stand up?
Where should I focus my concentration?
Should I have thoughts?
Should I quiet my mind?
How long should I meditate?
Should I use headphones?
Should I meditate in the park?
What clothes should I wear?
What clothes shouldn’t I wear?
Should I use incense?
How do I know if I’m doing it correctly?
When should I meditate?
How long before I see results?
What do I hope to gain from meditation?

The list goes on and on……. Meditation is a very personal experience. What may be good for one person may not be for another.
The point is that you have to do some soul searching and figure out the reasons why you want to meditate and then find the program that is best for you.
The problem with most of the main stream prepackaged meditation disciplines is that they are just that, main stream.
You need to build a solid foundation that incorporates all aspects of your spiritual development.
What good is meditation if you have no direction or ultimate goal in mind.
You need to use meditation as a tool to further expand your consciousness and raise your vibrational energies. You need to wake up to the fact that you are a multi-dimensional being that has unlimited capabilities.
Once you realize this the true work of meditation can begin.
Listen to your inner voice and let it guide you. We have been desensitized and no longer trust our intuition to guide us. Use meditation to reconnect to our inner voice and begin your journey towards your self discovery.

6 steps for a successful meditation

Raise Your Dimensional Consciousness to Develop Your Soul

What would you do if you were told that you don’t have a soul? What if you were told that you must develop your soul in order for you to live on past this life?
Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we have a soul and that if we live a decent moral life our soul will continue to live on past this life and into the next. Whether it is in the form of Christianity or Buddhism or any number of religious faiths, we have been conditioned to believe that our soul is immortal and will always live on. There is another thought on this that is interesting to say the least.

The thought is that in order for your soul to continue on after this incarnation it must be spiritually developed to the point that it retains its vibrational identity after you die.

That would shed a whole new light on the complacent attitude most people have when it comes to their spirituality and developing their dimensional consciousness. No longer would you be able to delude yourself into believing that because you go to church and are a good person you will live on for all eternity.

No longer could you justify your lack of work on your spirituality. Your daily activities would take on a whole new meaning. Instead of filling your days with meaningless activities and being so caught up in the Matrix that it becomes your only identity, you will begin to explore the endless possibilities your life can have. Your life would take on a renewed sense of meaning and urgency. You will begin to unravel the mysteries of life and see the real beauty and love that can be found in your life.

If you just opened your eyes and did some serious work on yourself.

Imagine that at the point of physical death your soul is absorbed into a large energy melting pot. No longer recognizable from the millions of other lost souls. No longer do you have a soul with a distinct vibration that sets you apart from the masses. You are lost to a vibration of indistinguishable energy patterns. How sad and unnecessary. How lost, and irretrievably non-existent you will become. This is a scenario, which is a real possibility and should not be taken lightly.

Now imagine the opposite. At the point of physical death your spiritually developed soul is free to move on to the higher energy planes and retain its newly evolved spiritual vibrations. Not quite ready to merge with these heavenly energy planes you are able to reincarnate back to the physical plane where the continued work of evolving can take place. You get to continue your journey to reach the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment and re-uniting with the One Source, God, Universal Consciousness or the Zero Point Field.

It is difficult to understand, given our limited multi-dimensional consciousness, what the ultimate sacrifice will be for a life devoid of spirituality, however the potential consequences of this lifestyle should be enough to motivate you to explore your spiritual side. It’s time to wake up and get to work on increasing your energy and vibrational levels.

Don’t take for granted that you have an immortal soul.

Your life and eternal existence will ultimately depend on it.

What will you do?