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    Welcome to my Blog. As I come across things that interest me I post them here. I try to incorporate those things which will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too.....


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Pave Your Spiritual Path With Gold

Pave Your Path With GoldContrary to what you may have heard being broke and indigent is not a requirement for spiritual awakening. It is what you do with the riches that has an impact on your development. This is not to say that extraordinary wealth could not corrupt you but if your mind and heart are pure and you attain wealth you can use it productively.

How much easier would your path of spiritual enlightenment be if you didn’t have to worry about finances all the time. It is an energy drain to always worry about how you will pay the mortgage or if you have enough money to keep the electric on. How can you pay for the kids college or are you able to afford the best nutritional foods for your family. These seemingly constant reminders will keep you mired in lower dimensional energy realms. You can’t hope to break free of these lower energy thinking patterns until you have broken free from your hamster like mentality of running and never getting anywhere.

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Bending God… A Psychic and Spiritual Journey

Excerpt from Chapter 18:
The sky is smooth and a rich clear black. The kind of sky you almost think has a texture you could reach up and feel. The stars are the brightest I’ve seen in a long time. Radio towers blink red lights from nearby peaks. Everything is quiet and still. On one side of the mountains lies LA. Its fake electrical sunrise shining up over the mountains. The other side is a plain of darkness lit by a few twinkling lights. It’s the desert. I breathe in deeply and look out to where the ocean should be.

A Psychic and Spiritual Journey

Psychic and Spiritual Journey

Then the entire sky flashes white.

I blink and shake my head slightly. What happened to my vision? I look over at Eric and Matthew who are in the truck bed with me. They make no sign they noticed anything. What did I just see? For an instant, the whole sky flashed a perfect white. It was as if, like hitting a light switch, night had become day for a moment.

I look over to LA and see the same hazy, steady glow. Search the sky for clouds. None. I’ve never seen lightning in LA anyway but so near the desert… it could have been a freak lightning strike. It’s cloudless. For miles and miles there isn’t a single space where I can’t see the stars perfectly.

Then everything flashes white again. The whole sky and everything around me goes from the dark blackness of night to completely, brilliantly illuminated white.
I rub my eyes. “What the hell..” I say out loud to see if I can get a reaction from either one of them without sounding crazy right away. Matthew starts chuckling in his warm, cozy sleeping bag. I look at him and he’s looking at me, a half-cocked grin on his face. Eric’s grinning at me too.

“What?” Eric asks a little too innocently.

Ah crap… might as well ask. “Did you guys see that?” I ask pointing to the sky. “It happened twice.”

“See? See what?” Eric asks again with a slight tone in his voice that I know means he’s having some fun with me.

I sigh. “The sky, it flashed white like –” suddenly everything, not only the sky but everything around me, flares with a bright white light. I was looking up at the sky before but it’s everywhere!

“There!” I shout pointing at the mountain and then at the sky so they don’t think I’m pointing at a bunch of rocks. “There! It just did it! Did you see it?!” They had to have seen it! It wasn’t soft. The whole freaking sky lights up bright white!

They are the perfection of calm and indifference. Matthew looks, oh-so-casually, at Eric and I can tell he’s having a hard time not laughing. I don’t get it. Can they see it too? If they can why aren’t they saying anything?

“The whole sky flashed white?” Eric asks me.

“Yeah! It’s flashing bright white. It’s done it like three times now.”

“Probably a search light from LA.” Eric suggests somewhat coyly.

Whooosh! The whole sky, the mountains, everything around me, goes white. This time everything seems slower. I pay attention to how it looks. It doesn’t look like daylight. It isn’t bright like daylight is. It looks paler. Less color. It almost looks like an electrical white. It’s bright but void of color. What’s more, when it flashes, I can feel it flash through my body. For a moment, my entire body buzzes with it.

“There it was again…” I say quieter, confused, uncertain.

“Maybe,” Matthew suggests, “it’s lightning.” He chuckles.

Now I get it. They’re giving me logical explanations. They’re making fun of how they think I’d take it. They think I would dissect it and cast it off with the best scientific explanation I could find. Damn it, am I that bad? Matthew’s always been more open to things.

“I get it. It isn’t a weather balloon, it isn’t the radio towers and there’s not a cloud in the sky. But I give up. What is it? I’m ready to listen.” My voice humbled by the event.

Matthew looks over to Eric. “Well,” Eric starts, “you guys have been around me so much lately you’re starting to tune into my frequency more. You’re seeing things more how I see them. You’re starting to operate on a higher level. What you’re seeing is the planet shift. When the planet shifts it flashes white for a moment. It goes through everything, not just the sky. Kinda like a heartbeat I guess you could say. You know, like the electrical pulse that goes through your whole body. Well, the planet has something sort of like that. You’re tuning into that.”

Bending God: A Memoir is the beginning of my paranormal, spiritual adventure. It is the first summer I met Eric Pepin. Between all the knowledge offered in the Higher Balance courses is a realm of paranormal experiences. Without hearing them, taking them inside yourself, you may miss what is possible yourself. The potential of what could be is lacking.

What you read in this book defies and goes beyond every modern school of thought, or spiritual figure. What others claim as theoretically possible becomes reality. As you read this book you will doubt that what you’re reading is true. It is all true. No exaggerations. No distortions.

I hope that you can learn from my own experiences. I have been very blessed and fortunate in them. May it help you find what you are looking for. I know however long it takes, or greatly you struggle, it is worth it all.

The Universe is waiting.

Eric Robison