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Confidence Is The Language Of Success

The language we use programs our brains. Mastering our language gives us a great degree of mastery over our lives and our destinies. It is important to use language in the best way possible in order to dramatically improve your quality of life.

Even the smallest of words can have the deepest effect on our sub-conscious mind. It is like a child, it doesn’t really understand the difference between what really happens and what you imagine. It is eager to please and willing to carry out any commands that you give it – whether you do this knowingly or not is entirely up to you.


It is a small word yet it has an amazing impact upon us. If someone says, “I’ll try to do that” you know that they are not going to be putting their whole heart in to it, and may not even do it at all. How often do you use the word try when talking about the things that matter to you? Do you say “I’ll try to be more confident” or “I’ll try to do that” or “I’ll try to call”?

Think about something that you would like to achieve, and say it to yourself in two different ways. Firstly say, “I’ll try to …” and notice how you feel. Next say “I will do …” and see how you feel.

The latter made you feel better than the first one didn’t it? It gives you a sense of determination; a feeling that it will be done. Listen to the people around you and when they say they will try notice if it gets done or not. Eliminate the word try from your dictionary and see how your life improves.


This is another small word with big impact. It dis-empowers us, makes us feel week and helpless, and damages our self-esteem. It limits our infinite abilities and stifles creativity. Rub it out from your internal dictionary and replace it with something that makes you feel great.

Instead of saying you can’t, why not say something like “I choose …” or “I choose not to …”. Using words like this allows you to take back your power and to be in control of your life.

Words may appear small and insignificant, yet they can have a deep and lasting effect on us. Mastering your language gives you the power to live whatever life you desire.

What words do you use a lot that dis-empower you? Make a list of words you commonly use and then write next to them some alternatives you can use. Make these alternatives words that make you feel fabulous, not only about yourself, but about life and what you are doing!


3 Responses

  1. I agree that confidence is improved when you let go of words that dis-empower, but confidence is a word itself. It can also be perceived as a word that can dis-empower you. So if that is true, wouldn’t it be better to acquire the feeling we know as confidence from the lack of the word itself. That being said, words themselves might have to all be let go of if the words themselves cannot bring about the feeling that it was intended.
    So I ask you this: If you are looking for the feeling called confidence, but you can’t find it because of your perception or lack thereof, where do you go, what do you do to bring about the feeling you desire when the words become irrelevant? And the same could be said about many other words.

  2. While it is true that a word can become meaningless, and that each person’s perception of a word’s meaning varies however slightly with that person’s understanding and experience, we still use words to communicate; feelings are our personal responses to what others express by word, action, appearance, etc. So find the way that confidence is communicated to you and linger with that. The essence of the emotion will start rising within you, and if that is how you personally develop the traits you desire,then by all means follow that route. Observing the behavior of those you deem confident will also expand your ability to draw the emotion higher inside you. Don’t mistake the human weariness with others’ means of expression for an absence of meaning for the thing itself. Finally, as in all things, confidence is a choice; it comes from perceiving yourself as having first the possibility, then second the capability, of developing this or any positive character trait. It is built on determination to master a thing. If this sounds simplistic, it is still not easy. It takes hard work and persistence and as long as it takes; it just depends on how much you want it.

  3. This has been of great help to me thank you.

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